15 Real Advantages of Taking Online Courses

15 Real Advantages of Taking Online Courses

15 Real Advantages of Taking Online Courses

Anyway you look at it, furthering your education is a great investment in yourself. However, what are the real advantages of online courses?

Let's break down the top 15 advantages:

1. Lower Cost

It becomes very clear once you start comparing the cost of online learning to traditional education, that online courses are much more cost effective.

A typical online course ranges from $10-$30 and can easily deliver as much value and education as a traditional college course.

This makes online courses much more attractive than traditional courses because you do not need to invest a substantial amount of money, or get a student loan, to learn these courses.

Whether you only have $10 or if you have thousands of dollars, you can get a lot more bang for your buck with online courses than traditional college courses.

2. Variety

Online courses give you the freedom to choose exactly what you want to learn. When compared to traditional college, online courses provide a much larger variety of courses.

When looking at the largest online course provider, Udemy.com, there are over 130,000 different online courses to choose from.

When compared to traditional education, colleges may offer a couple hundred different courses to choose from overall. Further, when you choose your major or focus of course types in college, you are then limited even further to the types of courses offered within that major.

With traditional colleges, they can only offer courses from their professors. With online courses, you can choose from courses taught by experts around the world.

Sometimes you want to learn something very specific, and then online course will be much more effective than enrolling in a more general college course.

3. Convenient

When taking online courses, there is noticeably more freedom. Online courses are posted on the Internet, so you can access the learning material from any of your Internet devices.

This means you can access your online courses from a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer.

Additionally, you can access your online courses from anywhere that has Internet connection.

Some online courses even allow you to download the learning material. Which allows you to access the online course material even when you don’t have Internet access.

This is great for when you are in remote locations and still want to learn, or just hanging out on the beach and want to listen to your online course in headphones.

4. Comfort

With online courses being Internet-based and available on any of your Internet devices, you get to choose where you want to learn from.

Often times for students in online courses, they choose to learn from the comfort of their home.

When learning from online courses in the comfort of your home, there is far less stress than having to get dressed up to go learn in the classroom surrounded by other people.

Online courses allow you to simply open your smart phone, tablet, or computer and quickly start learning from anywhere you are most comfortable.

Another big advantage of being able to learn from anywhere that you like, is being able to customize a learning environment that is most productive for you.

Sometimes this is learning from coffee shops, or even learning from bookstores. Whatever works best for you, works for an online course.

5. Less Intense

Traditional college courses typically come with a strict timeline and intense learning schedule. Professors at colleges are required to cover a specific curriculum in a set amount of time.

Online courses on the other hand, offer a more relaxed and less intense learning experience.

You get to choose how fast or how slow you learn, and how much of the curriculum you want to cover at any given time.

For learners who do not want a stressful and intense learning experience, online courses are a very good option.

6. No grades

If you can remember your college experience, then you probably feel a sense of relief of not having to study for exams anymore.

One of the most stressful parts of traditional education, is studying for quizzes and test.

Online courses do not have graded exams, so they are far less stressful than traditional education.

Often times graded assignments can get in the way of your actual learning experience.

Studying for an exam that tests your memorization more than your skill level makes college courses very difficult.

The laid-back approach to online courses is much more appealing, and can easily deliver as much or more education than a college course.

7. Career Perks

Online courses can be a huge perk to your current career.

Often times employers will be impressed by your drive and self motivation to enroll in online courses on your own doing.

Additionally, you can list online courses on your resume for future employers to see and be impressed by.

Enrolling in online courses shows employers that you were motivated and willing to go the extra mile to be valuable in your position.

8. Lifetime Access

Online courses typically come with a lifetime access.

This is a very big advantage when compared to traditional education. With college courses, you get to experience the course one time, and then you move onto the next courses.

With online courses, you are able to re-watch any of the learning material, as often as you like.

This is very helpful when you want to refresh or re-watch a certain area understand better.

9. Money Back Guarantee

Most online courses come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

At buyecourses.com, we recommend courses from the largest online course platform, Udemy.

Every course that we recommend comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied, or if the online course is simply not a good fit for you, you can get your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.

Traditional education definitely does not have this type of offer!

10. No Commute

Another great advantage two online courses is that you do not have to commute to class.

With traditional education, the college course may only be one hour long, but you may have to commute 30 minutes each way and factor in time to find parking.

When you look at the opportunity cost of spending time commuting and the actual cost of fuel for your vehicle, there is actually quite a big cost to commuting.

Online courses are available on your smart phone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you. No commuting required!

11. Flexible

Online courses are ready for you to access whenever fits your schedule best.

Often times when you are learning, you also have a job and family to be with.

With traditional education, your learning schedule is predetermined and often times multiple times per week.

With online courses you can access them based on your own schedule. If you have a job that requires you to work during the day, you can access your online courses on days that you’re not working, or after hours.

Traditional college classes do not offer this flexibility, and may cause you to miss out on work opportunities, or family time.

12. No Debt

Online courses are very affordable, typically ranging between $10-$30 per course.

The cost of traditional education on the other hand, continues to increase every year.

Traditional education on average in the United States costs between $80,000-$180,000 for a four year degree.

One of the biggest issues with students enrolling in traditional education systems, is that they require a student loan. These loans are very difficult to pay off especially for students being generally young and early on in their life, with no career yet.

13. Hobbies

Another great benefit of enrolling an online courses, is having the time to continue pursuing your hobbies.

Online courses do not come with out of the classroom assignments, or homework.

When compared to traditional college courses, you will have a lot more free time when enrolled in an online course.

14. Learn At Your Own Pace

Online courses allow you to progress through the learning material however fast or slow is comfortable for you.

There is no predetermined timeline that you must go through the course material in.

Being able to take your time and make sure that you understand fully, is a huge benefit to online courses.

However if you are a fast learner, you can speed up the playback rate of how fast the course progresses. This allows fast learners to learn information faster than any other option available.

The ability to learn at your own pace with online courses is a very big advantage.

15. Self Discipline

Online courses do not have a professor or a set timeframe of when you need to be somewhere to learn.

Because of this, you will develop self-discipline and increase your responsibility by learning on your own motivation.

Online courses offer you the freedom to either learn or not accessible even learning material at all. There is no one holding you accountable, so being able to make these decisions for yourself and continue learning, will inevitably increase your self-discipline.


Online courses come with many very big advantages. When compared to traditional education, online courses really shine.

Not only are online courses more affordable, but they are also more convenient and even more effective than traditional education.

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