Are Udemy Coupons Legit (and Legal)?

Are Udemy Coupons Legit (and Legal)?

Udemy is an online university with over 100,000 video courses available. Fees for the course offerings vary widely and are frequently discounted. A number of coupon clipping sites include coupons for Udemy.

Are Udemy coupons legitimate (and legal)? Verified Udemy coupons, whether for percentage discounts or promotional prices, are legitimate and legal.

Yet with fluctuating prices and seemingly constant promotional campaigns in play, the true value of such coupons rises and falls accordingly.

Today, we’ll be exploring Udemy coupons more in-depth, as well as what these coupons entail.

Online Education. There’s a Coupon for That

The advent of the Internet has forever changed the face of secondary education. Through online course offerings, a resident in Tennessee can graduate from, say, the University of Phoenix without ever traveling west of the Mississippi River.

The number of universities and colleges offering an online component - if not an entire curriculum - to its course work is growing steadily. There are many institutions that don’t own a single brick and mortar building, yet have thousands of students and graduate thoroughly-trained graduates every year.

A rising star among online institutions of learning is Udemy, with a massive collection of courses on video in a growing number of disciplines, such as business, design, marketing, IT and photography. Course fees range from around 50 dollars to several hundred, but there is a lot of discounting and reappraising going on in an effort to remain competitive in the online education marketplace.

Coupons for discounts are available at many online coupon sharing sites, such as Groupon, Retail Me Not, Official-Coupons, Dealsea and others, and they are legit, but the question remains as to whether they are truly useful, given the constant state of flux within the course pricing schedule.

In some instances, these coupons are like coupons to a theme park, where you carefully cut them out of a newspaper or magazine, only to discover they’re handing them out at the gate like trick-or-treat candy.

Coupons Can Be Fool’s Gold

Coupons, promotional codes, discount codes - whatever you want to call them - can be beneficial, or they can be a waste of time. So before you commit yourself to whatever is offered on the coupon, make sure you follow these recommended practices.

Make Sure You Understand What the Coupon Covers

The coupon might offer a straight dollar discount, say, $50 off any course fee, or it might offer a discount expressed as a percentage, like 10% off any course fee, or it might include an all-in price for a course.

Make Sure You Understand What the Coupon Does NOT Cover

Carefully read all the text, including the fine print and look for excluding word words like “exceptions” and limiting words like “only.” These modify the offer, and they might modify it in a way that makes the coupon useless to your particular needs. With Udemy coupons, there are some courses for which the coupon does not apply, so even when the large print says $50 off “any” course, look for the small print that says, “except for this.”

When a coupon limits an offer with the term “only,” make sure you understand the limitation. The offer might apply only to new students, or it might apply only to current students.

Look for Expire Dates

There’s no such thing as an eternal coupon. Every offer has an end date, whether it’s for a box of cereal or a hotel discount. Don’t count on coupons being accepted under the “well, close enough” rule. Also, don’t rush to redeem a coupon solely based on the expiration date, if you’re not ready to take the course being offered.

There will almost assuredly be new coupons coming out, or promotions that you can take advantage of when you’re ready.

Some Coupons Can be Accepted After Payment Has Already Been Made

According to Udemy’s FAQ section regarding coupons, Udemy will redeem the coupon at the best price available at the time (up to 30 days after initial purchase). The adjustment may be less than the face value of the coupon in such circumstances, but it’s still better than no discount at all.

Coupons Often Cancel Each Other Out

As with department store coupons, most Udemy coupons cannot be combined with other coupons or with promotional offers in place at the time. Determine which offer is the best one, and forget about the other ones.

Udemy Courses - You Might Not Even Need a Coupon

Very frequently - even to the point of being perpetual - Udemy will have clickable banners or buttons on its homepage offering discounts, either to specific courses, or a range of courses or for any course in their catalog. There is generally a running stopwatch indicating how much time remains before the offer expires. If you miss the opportunity, don’t worry. There’ll be another one - perhaps not exactly the same, but close - almost immediately

Although it’s still an improvement over newspaper inserts and a pair of scissors, online coupon-hunting can take more time than it’s worth in many cases. That may be especially true for Udemy coupons.

Udemy - Affordable Education for Busy People

The Udemy website boasts that its students can learn on their schedule with 24-7 access to the coursework, good for a lifetime so that the student isn’t governed by a time limit or semester schedule.

A course can be archived if the student wants to stop working on it and can move it back to his or her account at a later date for completion.

Students can track their progress with practice tests, use bookmarks to highlight areas of special interest, save their place on lecture videos and have direct access to their instructors. They can browse the list of available instructors and pick the one they feel they would be the most comfortable with.

Udemy - Course Selection

Udemy currently offers a little over 130,000 online courses on video. The top categories are:

  • Business- A bestseller in this category is its Entire MBA in 1 Course, offering instruction in business, from start-up to IPO. Data processing and the algorithms that drive machine learning are covered in a number of courses. This is a major trend in global business enterprises today

  • Development- Java programming, website development, Python, SQL, iOS, Android, and more are popular in this category

  • IT and Software- IT techs are constantly in demand, and technology is constantly evolving. Udemy has dozens of courses that cover the basics, as well as training for future applications

  • Design- Graphic design courses, from basic drawing to 3D animation, have attracted thousands of students. Also very popular are courses that teach the Adobe Creative Suite - primarily Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Courses on Wordpress are also offered

  • Marketing- Really booming is the digital marketing space, and Udemy is keeping pace with courses that prepare students in skills like social media marketing (broken down into specific courses for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others). Many courses are devoted to SEO practices

  • Photography- Everything from the essentials to special effects and niche photography is covered in scores of courses. Video production and cinematography are also huge in this category, and video editing courses are offered in Adobe Premiere and other formats

  • Music- Instructions on individual instruments and vocals are only the starting point here. Students can learn music theory, music production, audio production, music composition, and songwriting

  • Personal Development- This covers a very wide range of personal skills, from speed reading, personal actualization, job interviewing (from both perspectives) parenting, therapy, neuroscience, body language, organization, productivity, and even stock market competency

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