Are Udemy Courses Always on Sale?

Are Udemy Courses Always on Sale?

Udemy is an excellent resource for learning new skills. It has gained a great deal of popularity during the last several years. Any skill that you might want to learn is usually available. If you simply want to develop skills you already have, Udemy is a great tool. Some employers accept Udemy courses as a professional development session.

When considering courses, the question of price always comes to mind. Are Udemy courses always on sale? Udemy courses are on sale frequently. The types of sales vary. Reasons for their sales such as Black Friday or New Year’s Eve are given, but the course specials do run frequently. It is a rare occasion that you will find Udemy courses on sale for the full price.

Knowing the way Udemy course sales are set up will help you save money. Here is a look at information about the Udemy platform and reasons for the low prices.

Are Udemy Courses Ever Full Price?

This is the real question. It seems like Udemy courses are rarely NOT on sale, but Udemy courses do run at full price from time to time. Most Udemy customers know that if they wait long enough, they will receive an email notifying them of a sale. Udemy basically teaches its customers to avoid paying full price.

It could be that Udemy is attempting to show their customers the value they are getting at a low price. The value of a course might be $180, but you could get it for $30 if you wait for a sale. In other words, Udemy customers are getting a bargain for their courses.

Refuse to Buy on Impulse

Many people want to begin immediately once they decide they want to develop a skill. However, you should avoid impulse buying as far as Udemy is concerned. For example, a course might be offered for $150 on one day, and the next day, it is offered for $20.

Waiting for a day or two might be the best solution once you find a course you are interested in. Why waste money paying the full price when a sale is usually inevitable?

Subscribe to the Udemy mailing list and wait for a sale. Hint: They’re usually around a holiday. Udemy will take advantage of any reason to run a sale. Most likely, you will not have to wait too long.

Coupon Sites Should Be Mostly Avoided

Using a coupon site is a waste of time. Udemy offers frequent discounts, so these sites are just a way for sites to get their cookies into your own browser. Most of the time, these coupons are outdated.

If the instructor of the course offers a coupon to use during one of the rare periods that courses are not on sale, you should use it. Instructors often use these as promotions for their courses because they will often get a larger percentage of the amount you pay when you buy with their coupon code.

If there is an instructor you particularly like, and you want to help support them, it is worth trying to get a coupon code from them.

Udemy’s Marketing Strategy

If you can get more students by offering cheaper classes instead of having expensive courses, would you take the chance? Udemy has, and it seems to be working favorably.

Udemy has more students than other teaching platforms, and their numbers are growing rapidly. New customers are offered special rates on classes. The incentive keeps new customers coming and loyal ones with them.

Prices Are Changing

Although Udemy will continue having low priced courses, they are setting caps on certain classes. The price does not go above $50 on some, with or without a discount. Udemy is utilizing this strategy to avoid disgruntled instructors.

While the instructors wish for students to instantly purchase courses at full price, the discount strategy prevents that from happening. The cap for certain courses is a compromise for both students and instructors. Since most of the courses are good quality, a compromise should be reached in order to benefit both customers and instructors.

People are Curious

If you look at the question and answer forums, you will find that people are asking about Udemy’s constant discounted course rates. People are surprised to find that a time in which courses are not discounted is rare. One person compared these rates to a furniture store with discounted rates.

Another person posted to take advantage of the prices. He encouraged people to buy several courses of interest. Even if you do not complete them now, you are getting a bargain since you have lifetime access to these courses.

Udemy Price Controversy

Controversy has reared its head about the Udemy course prices. Some people believe Udemy’s low prices are not fair to other learning platforms. Although Udemy draws customers with low prices, it is the same low prices that keep some customers away.

It is believed that the low prices cause the instructors to practically give their services for free. Because a great deal of work goes into making a course, many people do not believe Udemy’s practices are fair to instructors.

This is why it is important to enroll in courses that have been reviewed and recommended by experts.

In the end, Udemy’s terms are clearly outlined for course instructors and for buyers. The real issue is that high quality instructors may start to look for other learning platforms to host their material.

An Instructor Speaks Out

One instructor developed his skills through a Udemy course. Later, he decided to teach others through the Udemy platform. After completing his first video, the staff at Udemy told him of some steps he would have to take to improve the quality of his videos. The process cost him $200. His courses were sold so cheaply that he barely made any profit on his venture.

The moral of the story is to remind Udemy students not to assume that an instructor is making a great deal of money just because his course is priced for $100, and he has 14 students in his class. Udemy takes a percentage of the profits. If an instructor has invested money for equipment, it can present a problem. This is not to say that people should not take Udemy courses, but instructors would like to be appreciated.

Udemy’s Marketing Strategy

While some instructors and even students believe that Udemy’s course sales undermine the value of the course itself, others believe that Udemy is simply doing good marketing. Marketing experts know that such tactics will bring in high volumes of internet traffic attracting people to the course site. Udemy is still considered a fairly new platform which explains the reason for the extreme discounts.

Some entrepreneurs believe that once the administrators of Udemy see that the platform business is stable, they will start raising prices and leaving them there. Of course, Udemy offers other courses that are not necessarily academic such as cooking, knitting, or ceramics. Having sales will help promote these courses.

The Bottom Line

If you see courses on the Udemy platform that you wish to take, you should feel free to do so, discount or not. Compromises can be made, but most instructors should be aware of the way Udemy does business. The sales should no longer surprise them. It is each instructor’s choice whether or not to stay on the Udemy platform.

Low prices do not always mean low quality. Most of the Udemy courses are very informative and helpful. Wisdom is not simply cheap as much as it is becoming more widely available for those who wish to use it.

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