Can You Add Udemy Courses On LinkedIn? A Simple Guide

Can You Add Udemy Courses On LinkedIn? A Simple Guide

After completing a course on Udemy, you might wonder how you can add the new credentials to your professional LinkedIn profile. I wasn’t exactly sure if this was possible either, so I went searching for the answer. My findings are below.

Can you add Udemy courses on LinkedIn? Yes, it’s possible to add Udemy courses on your LinkedIn profile. Sharing them is a great way to highlight your certifications and other skills that may be useful for finding your next opportunity—or other like-minded people—by networking.

Adding courses from Udemy to your LinkedIn page brings additional value to your profile. Read on to find out how to do this step-by-step, why it is important to keep your certifications up to date, and the power of professional networking.

How Do You Add Udemy Courses On LinkedIn?

It is surprisingly easy to add your Udemy courses to your list of credentials on LinkedIn. You can use this handy feature to show off what you learned about an array of topics available through Udemy such as social media marketing, how to be a virtual assistant, project management, and countless other topics.

Follow these simple steps to add your recent Udemy courses:

  1. Visit your LinkedIn profile page by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner of LinkedIn.

  2. Add a profile section to your page by clicking the button near the top of the page.

  3. Select the “Background” option on the menu that appears (it will have a plus sign next to it).

  4. Choose to “Add A License Or Certification” from the sub-menu.

  5. Fill in the details about your course in the pop-up box that appears (you can find more details about this below).

Here is what the pop-up box will look like:

Here, there are fields to fill in the name of the course, the organization it is affiliated with (Udemy), indicate the URL link, and add other vital information about the online course.

You might also notice there is a checkbox that allows you to indicate the credentials for your course don’t expire. Since this is a Udemy course, be sure to click this before you save and post this part of your profile. The skills you learned will help you regardless of when someone sees this section of your LinkedIn page.

You will also see the “Credential ID” field. This is useful for certifications with designated ID numbers, but for Udemy courses, you don’t receive such an identification. Leave this field blank.

When you’re done entering the details, save the information. The course description and other information will be displayed on your profile for others to see when they visit your page.

You can repeat this process as needed for future courses or even edit details of the ones you already completed.

Why Is It Important To Add Courses To LinkedIn?

It is important to add your completed courses to LinkedIn for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons is to find work or hire new employees of your own.

To Find Work

Keeping your certifications and completed courses up to date is something job recruiters and employers look for in their future employees.

Updating course details regularly does the following:

  • It assures recruiters you are not afraid of technology. If you use the Udemy online platform, they know you can find your way around online. This is a big bonus for most jobs regardless of the field.

  • It also shows you can keep track of ongoing projects like maintaining a professional online presence. This trait is useful for any line of work you go into because all jobs have ongoing responsibilities.

  • It demonstrates you value education. If you are willing to learn new things to better yourself, chances are you will be determined to learn new skills to achieve excellence in your job.

  • It shows potential employers more about your personality. Good manners, writing well, and professional correspondence are examples of what they might consider.

  • It shows you are passionate about your work and not just there for the paycheck. Employees who are passionate about their job make better employees because they are willing to learn, cope well with change, and might even need less supervision.

Updating your courses and credentials from Udemy on your LinkedIn profile will help you present better to employers and recruiters. They will find you can keep track of ongoing projects, are willing to learn new skills, and much more.

To Recruit Your Own Employees

If you are looking for employees, LinkedIn is an undeniably useful resource. Many members on the website are looking for work—whether it is full-time, part-time, or contracted.

Updating your credentials from Udemy regularly will ensure potential employees are more likely to see your job listings and other content as well. Furthermore, if individuals are interested in learning about the job, they might also visit your page to figure out what kind of skills they need for the position. This is where your list of Udemy courses comes into play.

Updates about Udemy courses can also show others you lead by example. If you show you are willing to learn, change, and grow to succeed in the workplace, other passionate individuals will recognize this. These are the kinds of people you want to attract when you are hiring.

LinkedIn is a great tool to use when hiring/recruiting. Keep in mind, you are more likely to find the right employees if you are passionate and lead by example; this includes keeping your courses and credentials up to date.

It’s undeniable that LinkedIn is a great networking tool that you can make work to your advantage. It’s also clear updating your courses and continuing to learn helpful skills on Udemy is one of the ways you can make your LinkedIn profile shine.

Is Adding Udemy Courses On LinkedIn Worth It?

While adding Udemy courses to your LinkedIn profile is possible, many people hiring might argue Udemy courses don’t mean anything if they’re on your page. Here’s more on this school of thought.

Udemy Courses Are Not Accredited Like Colleges

Udemy courses are not from an accredited institution. On top of that, Udemy instructors may or may not be certified to teach courses—it’s a mixed bag, so to speak. According to experts, there doesn’t seem to be a high standard to teach on the platform.

Many employers even say they don’t look for things like Udemy courses on LinkedIn for these reasons. As a result, some will argue adding your courses to your LinkedIn profile isn’t worth the effort.

Accredited institutions (many colleges) are located all over the world specifically to teach people about new skills. Many of them are even starting to offer online courses to allow students to learn anywhere there is an internet connection—much like Udemy. This makes learning more accessible for those who might otherwise not receive an education.

However, if you are unable to find a college with your program, there are very few programs offered for your area of study, or you are strapped financially, Udemy might be a good choice to learn new information and skills to succeed.

This is also a viable option to learn new technology or programs integrated into a job you already have. Sometimes learning on the job isn’t easy for employees, but sitting down and taking an online course from Udemy gets them up to speed.

Each place of learning has pros and cons. Even if you take courses on Udemy, you might want to avoid adding Udemy courses to your LinkedIn page to save yourself time and effort.

Certificates From Instructors Aren’t A Guarantee

Instructors on Udemy might provide a certificate of completion if you finish the course and a simple project. This might seem like a cool feature at first, but employers and recruiters might have different views.

Certificates from instructors on Udemy aren’t a guarantee the student really took the course. It’s possible the student played the courses (without paying attention) and posted a haphazard, makeshift project (just to say they did it). Some might even argue that others can take the course for someone else.

This is another reason why businesses looking to hire new employees are hesitant to hire people with a bunch of Udemy courses with little field experience.

Colleges, on the other hand, offer grades. This shows more effectively how much you paid attention and learned the topics at hand. Grades ensure you did indeed take the course, and entering the course number or course ID adds to your credibility.

Again, Udemy has its uses at times. However, it’s definitely not the best way to get hired quickly. Some might even skip adding Udemy courses to their LinkedIn page altogether!

Whether Udemy courses are worth it depends a lot on your current situation and what your desired employer looks for.

With this simple guide, you won’t have an issue sharing about your new knowledge and skills from Udemy on your LinkedIn profile page. With both sides of the argument about why you should or shouldn’t list your completed courses, you can make the best decision for your situation.

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