Can You Change the Name on a Udemy Certificate?

Can You Change the Name on a Udemy Certificate?

One of the most time-consuming processes can be changing your name and all the subsequent forms which will need to be updated because of this. Aside from your driver’s license, credit cards, and diploma, what about that certificate you just achieved from Udemy? Do you have to take the course again or can you simply update the name digitally?

Can you change the name on a Udemy certificate? Yes, you can update the name on your Udemy Certificate. The most common issue is that the name printed on your certificate will be your username. Keep this in mind if you want your legal name printed or need to change this later. Navigate to the certificate and select the ‘update your certificate’ option. Save your changes to reset the certificate and reprint an updated copy.

According to Udemy’s personal company reviews, nearly 14 million people in 196 countries have signed up to learn on the Udemy platform. That’s a lot of users that potentially will be getting married, changing their names for personal reasons and need an easy fix. This quick read will be your ultimate guide to updating your Udemy Certificate so you can use it for years to come!

Can You Change the Name on a Udemy Certificate?

Thank goodness, this is not a difficult issue to resolve. Many sites make it a strenuous process to update any kind of certificate. But luckily for you, Udemy is not an official document, so the process is much less extensive.

What you need to understand about using Udemy is that it’s a wonderful source to learn and absorb knowledge. It’s a great way to hone your marketing skills, social media basics if you’re lost in this digital age, and even to post your own educational courses to earn a bit of side cash.

Udemy is wonderful for all these purposes and more. What it’s not ideal for is proving to future employers that you are anywhere near skilled enough for the position based on your Udemy certification alone. Your skills will need to prove that, and the certificate does not in any way replace a diploma, accredited certification, or any kind of formal training.

Udemy is a useful tool, but most employers will not be convinced by this alone. It can be included in your resume or CV under the conditions that:

  • You have relative experience to the position already

  • You’ve already obtained your degree or certification in this field

  • You have some other kind of formal training and not just the Udemy Certification

  • You want to simply post under miscellaneous or in a smaller section

  • You want to display to your future employer that you’re a self-motivated learner

  • You don’t expect to get the job on the Udemy certification alone

If all of this is understood, find a way to include it in your resume in a smaller way. Focus on your real skills and list this towards the end to simply prove that you’re dedicated to growing in your field. It will speak for itself but not sell you entirely.

In this case, the name update will be necessary or even if you just want the properly updated copy for your own records. It may not be incredibly viable or necessary, but if you want it updated that is up to you.

The Process to Change Name on Certificate

When all the curriculum of a course has been completed, a green trophy will appear above the course player. This means that you have finished the course successfully and you can print your certificate now.

You will see your username on the certificate so if you are reading this article before beginning on the site, you have the upper hand of being able to put your legal name (or whatever name you like) on the certificate in the first place. Make this name your Username from the start and no name change will be necessary.

Once you’ve received the digital trophy, you will see a notification indicating the certificate of completion is ready. Click on the trophy to view your well-earned certificate!

The process to update the name on your Udemy certificate as covered briefly above goes as follows:

  1. Access your certificate under Udemy account. Click on the trophy to view the certificate.

  2. Click – “Update Your Certificate”

  3. Next, update your profile name as the profile username is what will be printed on your certificate.

  4. This will update your profile page and username. Use the name you want printed on your certificate.

  5. Click ‘Save’ and then on the next page click, ‘Save Changes.’

  6. Reprint updated copy and save in a designated spot for your records. Keep a printed copy in a folder, and a backup emailed to yourself or kept in a digital database like a hard drive, Google Drive, or the cloud.

This is the whole process and is very simple to take care of on your own. If you are not technologically skilled enough to make this update, I will doubt you found and took the online course by yourself. This is straightforward for any tech newbie and should not give you any trouble.

Things to Keep in Mind

If the name still isn’t updating or saving well, this could be a glitch. At this point, you may have to contact their support or helpline, which you can find here.

When you complete a Udemy course, you will receive a certificate of completion. The only case you will not is if you’re in Brazil and accessing their free courses. Paid courses will still include the certificate, and for all other countries it will always be included.

According to the Udemy corporation themselves, “Certificates of Completion help demonstrate your accomplishments, but please note Udemy is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.”

Keep this in mind and determine if it’s even consequential enough or useful to update the name on your certificate. If it’s only for your own knowledge and self-growth, the name change may not be necessary.

There are no fees involved, and it’s worth it to update this form if you want your records all in place or you plan to forward it to a potential employer.

You can save your certificate as a .pdf or .jpg file so that you can easily share your accomplishments. In addition, certificates can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly from Udemy.

The certificate will look very standard but could have a hashtag in the middle that says, “#BeAble.” If this turns you off, don’t use it to prove your professional accolades.

Also be aware that the certificate will say something along the lines of “This certificate is to certify that Man Manny (or whoever) successfully completed 25 minutes of Official Udemy Insights: Video Quality on Udemy online course on November 1st, 2019.”

If you don’t like the fact that it may only say ’20 minutes,’ or whatever amount of time you’ve spent on the course, then don’t use this certificate professionally. There are many reasons why it will not come off as professional and won’t be taken seriously by true opportunities.

Is It Worth It?

This is not to discredit Udemy as I think it’s a wonderful and affordable tool to expand your mind! You should absolutely use this to begin your lessons and go deeper into a subject you’re passionate about.

It’s incredibly valuable, and the best way to learn and not sit through classes filled with material you don’t care about. The difference here is that you’ve chosen to be here and grow your intellect. You’re not being forced by the government or your mama anymore, so that makes it ten times easier.

My only point is, name change or not, don’t expect the Udemy certificate to land you that management position you’ve got your eye on. Udemy is not accredited nor officially recognized.

So go ahead! Make your certificate name, “Cutie Patootie 345,” or whatever tickles your buttons! No one will probably see it or ask you to prove it anyways. You can still list it under miscellaneous notes on your resume or on the lower end of your certifications. Use it, but don’t depend on it.

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