Do Udemy Courses Have Exams?

Do Udemy Courses Have Exams?

Udemy Courses are gaining popularity in the age of education. People are sharing knowledge and practical application as freelancers and other workers seek to be educated about various careers and hobbies. Udemy offers courses in a variety of fields and niches. All you need to do is find the one you believe is for you.

When choosing Udemy courses, or simply considering the option of taking one, certain questions come to mind. Do Udemy courses have exams? Most Udemy courses offer exams. The types of exams, and even quizzes, that are given vary depending upon the course.

Each Udemy course has different requirements. Some courses only require watching videos while others have videos, activities, and exams. Here is some information to consider when choosing a Udemy course.

What is the exam set-up?

Since Udemy courses are completed online, the exams are taken online as well. Most of the courses offer unlimited attempts at the quizzes and exams. However, you will not receive a certificate until you have successfully completed the final exam and any other assignments required.

Depending upon the type of course you are completing, the types of test questions will vary. Some tests will have multiple choice questions. Others will have short answer items. Apprehension and test anxiety are not necessary since you have access to the course material and unlimited attempts at the exam.

Details about Udemy Exams

Although the types of exams available on Udemy have been mentioned, you might have other questions about the setup. Here are some other details that might answer your questions.

Exams Have a Built-In Timer

The timer that is set on practice tests will alert you if you go beyond the time allowed on a certified test. This tool can be useful in helping you prepare for an upcoming state certification exam.

Exams Can Be Paused

If you have an emergency to occur, or you need to complete another task, you can pause your test. When you return to the exam, you can pick up where you left off.

Exams Can Be Taken More than Once

Whether it is a practice exam, or a course completion test, your assessment can be taken until you pass. The option to re-take your test will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Exam Answers Can Be Reviewed

Udemy exams provide an opportunity to review your answers once you have completed the test. The option will be available along with the choice to submit the exam.

Exams Will Show Your Score

When you submit your test, your results will be displayed. The ratio of correct and incorrect answers will be displayed along with pass or fail results. You will have the opportunity to review your answers.

Test Types

When an instructor creates a course, he is given an opportunity to create tests. Several options are available for test construction. The instructor could create a multiple-choice test. Single answer tests are available. A bulk uploader gives the option to upload as many as 250 questions. They type of test you will receive will depend upon the course you take and the instructor’s preference.

If you are preparing for a state certification exam, Udemy courses often have practice tests to help get you prepared. Once again, the instructor has the option of uploading a practice test when setting up the course. Practice tests could prove beneficial if you have test anxiety or other issues preparing for tests.

Who Are the Instructors?

Anyone can teach courses on the Udemy platform. Since this is the case, it is important to read the information given about the course instructor. Read the course reviews given by other students. Conducting a bit of your own research would not hurt either.

Keep in mind that many of the Udemy course instructors are well qualified to teach these courses. Some have degrees and certifications of their own while others do not. Students have walked away from a great number of the courses perfectly satisfied. Others have encountered instructors who did not seem to be knowledgeable in the field of instruction.

What Type of Certification Are You Seeking?

With over 100,000 courses available on Udemy, you can find a course on almost any subject. Writing classes are offered. The writing classes are numerous because the range is from fictional writing to business writing. Accounting and finance classes are offered.

If you are seeking religious education, look no further than Udemy. If you want to study any one religion, the option is available. Religious philosophy is another option to consider.

Auto repair courses are available on Udemy. Most of them are light automotive repair and windshield repair. Cell phone repair and screen repair can be found as well.

Do Udemy Certificates Have Any Value?

All Udemy courses offer certificates. The certificates that are given once a course is completed are not accredited, but they can be useful with your CV or Resume when applying for certain jobs.

You should keep in mind that some employers will not put a Udemy certificate of course completion above a certification from an accredited institution. It can not be detrimental to your job prospects to show off your Udemy certificate, but not everyone will be impressed.

Professional Development

The Udemy courses are great for professional development hours. Most career choices require those hours as you gain tenure. Before completing a course for professional development hours, you want to be certain that the course is relevant to your job. Although the courses are not too expensive, you do not want to waste time on what will not benefit you.

If you are a graphic designer, numerous courses are available in that field. If you are an editor or accountant, professional development is available for you. Some Udemy professional development courses have exams, but most of them are simply video lectures or reading material. Once you complete the course, you will have the opportunity to print your certificate.

Advantages of Udemy Courses

Freelancer and Entrepreneurs rave about Udemy. Others see it as a waste of time. Like any other platform or undertaking, Udemy has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the advantages of taking Udemy courses and receiving a certificate.

  • Discounts and Low-Cost Courses

  • Variety of Courses

  • Instructor Feedback

  • Student Feedback

  • External Services Use

  • Free Lesson Previews

  • Lifelong Access

  • Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of Udemy Courses

What goes up must come down. In addition to advantages, there are also disadvantages to talking Udemy courses.

Here are the disadvantages of completing Udemy courses.

  • Lack of Academic Credit

  • Doubtful Expertise of Instructors

  • Course Content Overlaps

  • Lack of Presentation Variety

How Employers and Clients Feel about Udemy Certificates

Companies from the United States and other nations were asked for opinions about Udemy courses and other non-accredited online platforms. General opinions were favorable. Individual job postings will vary, but most clients and employers look favorably at these types of certificates.

The relevance to the current job should be clear and verified, but clients and employers see these certificates of completion as personal commitment. Business owners and other clients and employers seek proactive people. Your personal effort to further educate yourself is a step in the right direction.

The Bottom Line

Most people do not like exams, but it is expected when taking a course. The advantage to completing a test with Udemy is unlimited opportunities to re-take the test. The course material is usually available to use as a reference point for a challenging question.

Certificates from Udemy are not the same as an accreditation, but they can be somewhat impressive to potential clients and employers. Udemy courses and certificates could be useful to you depending upon the outcome you desire.

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