Here's What to Do About Slow Video Streaming on Udemy

Here's What to Do About Slow Video Streaming on Udemy

You’ve just bought a course on Udemy, and you’re suddenly hit with slow video streaming. The constant buffering, lagging and stuttering of the video can really hinder your interest and learning from the course. Not to mention your patience! You may have tried a number of things to fix the problem but can’t figure it out.

So, what can you do about slow video streaming on Udemy? Here is what to do:

  1. First, check your internet speed and how many devices are using it.

  2. Next, try downloading the course and watching from your own media player.

  3. Lastly, you can change the video quality.

This article will go over in detail how you can troubleshoot your slow video streaming on Udemy. We will discuss the various methods you can try to fix the problem and enjoy the information. One of these methods should fix any issue you may be having with Udemy’s videos. You paid for the course, and you deserve to watch it as it was intended to be watched!

Why is Udemy So Slow?

Some users have complained that the Udemy server itself is slow. Given that the website offers so many courses and are constantly uploading new courses each day, they have a lot of data being used at the same time. This may be too much for their server to handle, which results in laggy and slow video speeds.

Your browser may be the issue. Some browsers that aren’t updated to the latest version may have trouble playing Udemy course videos at their designated speed. Try checking your browser version and update it if needed. You may also have more luck using a different browser, since some may have better results accessing the server than others.

Check your internet speeds and electronic hookups. If your internet is limited or below a certain speed, it may not play the Udemy courses correctly. Try this free internet speed tester to see where your internet speed stands! You should also check what all is using your internet when you’re trying to watch a course. Multiple electronics can affect the internet.

Your log-in could have timed out. If you’ve been signed into your Udemy account for a long length of time, the server quality for videos may change. A simple log-out and log-in may fix the problem. Not only will it refresh the page, but it will also refresh your log-in, which may help to reset your internet connection to the Udemy server.

Download the Course

A simple solution you can also try for slow video speed is to download the Udemy course. You can have it on your computer and watch it through your own media player. You won’t need to worry about the Udemy server and can watch the video in its entirety. You won’t need to worry about the internet either since you have all the data already.

Downloading can also let you rewatch or rewind the video without difficulty You may not watch to mess with a Udemy video course if you’re finally getting good quality and seamless speeds. Even if you wanted to rewind to hear something again, you’d be too worried that it would cause it to buffer all over again. Downloading the course will help in that regard.

You can always delete the course when you’re finished to free up space on your computer. Once you sign up for an Udemy course, you will always have access to all the materials at your leisure. So, you can download the course video and delete it off your computer, but always have access to the online version of the video to download again.

Downloading the video can also fix any audio issues with the course. Some users have also complained about the audio being off or distorted when they have tried to stream it on the Udemy server. If you download the video, you can fix the audio issues as well since all the data has been downloaded to your computer.

A Change Can Do Some Good

Another quick fix you can try to speed up video streaming on Udemy is to switch what you’re using to view the video. You can switch up the computer or browser that you are using to change the video speed. It can be a quick fix that can help at the moment if you don’t want to wait for the course to download onto your computer.

Change the computer or laptop you are using to view the course. This can be a simple fix if you have another laptop or electronic to stream the course on. Sometimes computers or laptops that are older have more trouble streaming videos than more up-to-date ones. As well as having different power boards that can impact how well it works.

Clear your browser of cookies and cache. You could have a lot of apps or websites that are sucking up data on your computer or electronic device. This will impact how well your video is streaming. You can clear your browser and restart it and can see a difference in how well the video streams. Here is a quick how-to on clearing your browser cache.

Restart your devices and browser to give it another chance to connect to the Udemy server. A simple restart can reboot your computer as well as your browser when you log back into Udemy and try to view your video again. While this option may not work all the time, it definitely can help reset your internet connection to the Udemy server.

Adblockers and Firewall Can Be to Blame

You may have adblockers or a firewall up on your computer or laptop that can affect how well the video and its audio are working. Make sure you turn these off while on the Udemy website if you are having video streaming issues. They can take up your internet connection and data to run along with what the video streaming is taking up too.

Use an incognito window to stop adblockers and firewalls. You can open an incognito window, which will allow you to view Udemy videos privately without all the plug-ins and adblockers running on your regular browser. If you find that this works, then you know that it was either your adblocker or firewall affecting your browser speed.

You can use an add-on to view your Udemy course. This may sound counterintuitive to our previous point, but users have said great things about an add-on called Touch VPN. It works similarly to an incognito window, where you would watch the video privately without any other apps affecting your video streaming.

Try watching other video servers like YouTube and see if you are having similar issues. Your adblocker or firewall may impact Udemy’s website but may not affect other websites. This can help troubleshoot whether it is the Udemy server or video streaming in general that is causing you issues. This can be a simple test to see if that is the cause.


We’ve discussed why Udemy video streaming may be slow and how to solve it. You can always assess your internet speeds to see if that is causing any problems. You can use a private browser to bypass adblockers and plug-ins that may be messing with your video quality. You can also download the course to get past the internet issues altogether.

Hopefully, one of these methods worked for you, and you’re enjoying your Udemy video streaming!

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