How to Access Your Udemy Certificate

How to Access Your Udemy Certificate

While Udemy may not be as “official” as a college degree, you should still be proud of completing a Udemy course. Accessing your Udemy certificate can make you feel that pride, and it could help you land a job. If you can access your Udemy certificate, you will have proof of the hard work you put in to complete an online course.

Where is my Udemy certificate? After completing a course, a green trophy will become visible at the top of the course page. Udemy will also send a notification to a user upon completion of a course. The certificate can be downloaded and saved as a PDF or JPG file.

Completing a Udemy course is something to be excited about. You put in the work and effort needed to complete a guided course on a specific topic. Once you finish, you should download your certificate and show it off.

What Is a Udemy Certificate?

On Udemy, courses usually have a certificate that you can get when you complete all of the coursework. Udemy course certificates show proof that you completed a class, but they’re not a substitute for formal education. Because Udemy isn’t an accredited institution, you can’t treat your certificate as the same as a college degree.

However, the Udemy certificate looks and functions like any other certificate in other ways. When you get a certificate, it will look like what you might think of when you think of a certificate. It will have information stating that you completed the specific course on a certain date.

The certificate will typically also have a signature at the bottom from someone at Udemy, which can add a bit of legitimacy to your accomplishments. Unfortunately, not all courses will offer a certificate. For example, courses that only offer practice tests will not issue them.

Students in Brazil also won’t be able to get a certificate for any free courses. However, paid courses will offer certificates. If you want to learn more about the basics of Udemy certificates, click here.

How to Access Your Udemy Certificate

Once you finish a Udemy course, you will be able to access your certificate. However, there’s a bit more to it than just going through the course materials. For one, you have officially completed all of the materials, including individual lectures and any other parts.

  • Check the course curriculum and make sure all of the elements have been marked as complete. If one isn’t, you won’t be able to download your certificate.

  • When you finish a course, you may need to wait a few moments before you can access the certificate. The system might lag a little bit, even if everything is officially complete.

  • Head to the web browser, either on a computer or your mobile device. You can’t access certificates in the mobile app, but you can get to them in the browser.

  • Go to the course player and look near the top for a green trophy. There should be a trophy and the option to “Get certificate.”

  • Once you download the certificate, you can save it to your files as a PDF or JPG file. This way, you will have a record of your accomplishment.

  • You can also share the certificate to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn within the Udemy page.

If you find that your name is incorrect on your certificate or your username is on it instead of your legal name, you can change it in the course settings. You can also change the certificate language in your settings as well. That way, you can show off your certificate and be proud of what is on it.

Of course, there may come a time when you may not be able to access a Udemy certificate. Even if you complete all of the course materials, wait a few minutes, and access the course from a browser, something might go wrong. Don’t worry; it could be something else is causing the lack of a certificate.

Why Can’t I Access My Certificate?

As mentioned, various things can keep you from getting a certificate after completing a Udemy course. If you run through the course but don’t fully complete all of the materials, the system may not recognize that you finished everything. There might also be a lag if you just completed the last of the course.

  • If you use the Udemy app to complete a course, that’s an excellent way to learn on the go. However, the app has some limitations, like how you can’t access certificates in the app.

  • Another reason why you might not see a certificate is if the course instructor hasn’t activated certificates. If your instructor uses Udemy for business, they may have to enable certificates on their end.

  • You can also check the course content. Some courses, like practice-test only courses, may not offer a certificate at all.

For better or for worse, some courses may not offer certificates after you complete them. This isn’t a reason not to take a class, but it can be frustrating if you want to share that you completed something. If you can’t tell if a course offers a certificate, you can contact Udemy for help.

Save It for Personal Use

Once you finish a Udemy course and get your certificate, you may wonder what you can do with it. Of course, a Udemy certificate isn’t the same as a degree or certificate from a college or university. You may not be able to get into an advanced program with a Udemy certificate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything.

The first thing you can do with your certificate is download it and save it to your computer. That way, you will always have access to it, even if you can’t access your Udemy account. You can look at the certificate whenever you want, and you can keep a digital record of the courses you take.

If you want to share your accomplishments with others, you can print out the certificate and hang it up. You can display the certificate in a home office or other space. Put it up somewhere that you can see it to remember what you learned.

You can also share the certificate online on social networks, like Facebook. It can be a great way to keep friends and family updated on what you’re doing. Even if you take a course that’s unrelated to your career, you can still show off your various interests.

Add It to Your Resume

If you take a course related to your professional field, you can use your certificate to build your career. We’ve mentioned that Udemy isn’t a degree, and in some ways, that’s a good thing. Udemy courses tend to be very affordable, and they don’t take as much time as a degree.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something that can help you in your professional life. If you take a relevant course, you can add that course to your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

  • For your resume, add the certificate under a certification section. You can place your certification section wherever it makes sense, such as under your other education.

  • When it comes to LinkedIn, you can add the certificate to the certifications section on your profile. You can fill out the section with the course title, certificate authority (Udemy), and the URL.

Once you access your Udemy certificate, you can do a lot with it. You can’t go wrong with adding professional courses to your resume or LinkedIn. If you want to learn more about how to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile, click here.

Final Thoughts

Once you finish a Udemy course, you can access the certificate from any web browser. While some courses don’t have one, many of them do. After you download it, you can put your certificate anywhere from your wall to your LinkedIn profile.

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