How to Buy Courses on the Udemy App in 4 Steps

How to Buy Courses on the Udemy App in 4 Steps

So, you’re thinking about buying some courses using the Udemy app? Udemy is an excellent resource as a learning tool and offers extensive online courses in a bevy of different subjects. You can find pretty much anything you’d like to learn for your professional life or as a hobby by merely searching Udemy. Plus, Udemy courses offer more information than most textbooks and are organized more appropriately for learning adults than textbooks while also costing substantially less.

How do you buy courses on the Udemy app? First, open your Udemy app. Then you’ll need to enter the course information for the course you’d like to buy. Using the mobile app, you won’t be able to redeem a coupon code; however, so many people that have coupon codes use their web browsers to make purchases. After that, you’ll see the option to purchase the class. Select that and enter your purchasing information. Once you are finished, click submit.

Since there isn’t a lot of information available on the Internet today covering how to buy courses on the Udemy app and using Udemy on your mobile device, we’ll be talking about that information below. We’ll first tell you how to search for courses on Udemy because you’ll need to know what class you want to purchase. Then we’ll discuss how you can purchase courses on Udemy, and essential information you should know about buying courses using the Udemy app.

Searching for Courses to Buy on Udemy

Before you’re ready to purchase your Udemy course, you’ll first need to know how to search for courses to buy on Udemy. When you buy courses using the Udemy mobile app, you need to see the course information to complete the purchase. So, knowing how to find your classes and understanding how to search around Udemy becomes essential to the process of buying a course.

Udemy offers users a multi-language library and more than 65,000 courses that are all created and maintained by experts. The courses you’ll find on Udemy vary widely and cover an extensive list of categories. Some of the course categories you’ll find on Udemy include things like business and entrepreneurship, academics, programming, health and fitness, the arts, music, language, games, and technology, to name a few.

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To help you understand how to search Udemy’s ever-expanding library and find the classes you want to take, follow our simple steps below.

Udemy’s Marketplace Search Tool

The best way to find the courses you want to purchase on the Udemy app is by using the Udemy search tool. You’ll find the Udemy search tool on the Udemy marketplace page. Look at the top next to the “Categories” menu, and you should see the Udemy search tool. Another way to locate the search tool if you are also an instructor is by going onto the “My Courses page,” and then into the “Instructor Dashboard.”

To get your search results, all you need to do is type the words that relate to your course or subject into the search area. Then, select “Enter.” After that, you should see some search results that relate to your search terms. If you click on “Primary Topic,” you’ll be taken to another page that lists similar classes.

After you find your Udemy course, you can move onto purchasing your class.

How to Purchase an Udemy Class: 4 Steps

There are a few different methods you can use to purchase a Udemy class. We’ll cover the choices you have below, discussing how to buy courses on the Udemy app, and how to use coupon codes with your PC as well as your iPhone or Android mobile device. We’ll cover that information in more detail below.

Using Your PC

The old school method of purchasing courses on Udemy is to use their website,, and buy a class with your PC with your credit card, PayPal, debit card, or any Udemy credits you may have. Also, if you are a student living in Brazil, you can pay with a Boleto Bancario, which we’ll cover in more detail below. Remember, if you have a coupon code, you can save a lot on your purchases. However, keep in mind the fact that not all classes are eligible for all Udemy promotions.

  1. To redeem a coupon code using your PC, you’ll need to locate the Udemy course that you want to purchase.

  2. After that, you’ll see the full price of the class.

  3. Click on the “Redeem a Coupon” link, which you’ll find below the “Take this Course” option.

  4. Now you should see a pop-up box that asks you to “Enter Your Redemption Code.”

  5. Put the code in and then hit “apply.”

  6. Enter the rest of your payment information for the class.

  7. Now, checkout and pay for your class.

After you finish, you should see the discounted price of your course. Your coupon could expire quickly, so you’ll want to make sure you are purchasing the course before that coupon expires. On Udemy, it’s quite easy to buy a class and use your discount codes from your PC.

However, when you use the mobile app, you won’t be able to use coupon codes. So, we’ll not only cover how to purchase courses using the mobile app below, but we’ll also discuss a workaround so you can use your coupon codes with both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Using the Udemy App

You can also purchase courses through the Udemy app. We’ll tell you how to do this in just a second, but there’s something important you need to know about purchasing courses using the Udemy app. If you buy a course through the mobile app, you won’t be able to use a coupon code. That means every course you purchase through the Udemy app will charge you at the full price.

Still, Udemy’s mobile app does have its discount promotional coupons on occasion, but that discount rate might be below what the website’s real campaign is offering. Typically, it is much cheaper to buy through the website than it is to use the mobile app when purchasing an Udemy course.

If you want to purchase a class through the Udemy app, you’ll need to download the Udemy app first. If you have an Apple device, you need to download the Udemy iOS App from the app store. If you own an Android device, you’ll need to download the Udemy app using the Google Play Store using the Udemy Android App.

On the Udemy mobile app, purchasing a course is very similar to buying a class using the Udemy website on your PC, minus the opportunity to enter a discount code. Here are the steps:

  1. First, find the Udemy class you want to buy.

  2. Once you know that, you should click on the class, and you’ll see the price for the course.

  3. You’ll see the “Take this Course” option, but there will be no “Redeem a Coupon” link.

  4. Enter your payment information and pay for the course to complete checking out.

Knowing how to purchase courses using the Udemy app can be very fast, easy, and beneficial as long as you don’t mind paying full price for the class you are buying. However, if you don’t have a PC and only have a mobile device, how can you pay for an Udemy class using a discount code? Don’t worry, and we have the steps you’ll need to apply for both your Android or Apple device below.

Using a discount code on Udemy, you can usually save around 50-75% per course, and sometimes even as much as 90%. When you consider how much those percentages affect the prices of the classes, it makes sense to know how to use your mobile device’s browser to purchase an Udemy class.

Using Coupon Codes on Apple Devices

We already mentioned above how you can purchase Udemy courses using the Udemy Mobile App for iOS, which has been available since April 2013. The purpose of the app is to allow students to have any time, anywhere learning. As the company grew, it realized many of its students enjoyed taking the courses while they were out and about in the world. So, the Udemy mobile app is helpful for students after they’ve signed up for a course because of the comfortable class access it provides.

However, when you are going to purchase a Udemy course with an Apple mobile device, it’s best to use the browser on your Apple device rather than going through the app, especially if you have a coupon code. That’s because while there are some promotions in the Udemy app, the promotional discounts you can use going through your browser will, about 90% of the time, give you a better discount on your courses.

  1. Start by going into your Safari browser on your Apple device.

  2. Go to

  3. You’ll see a mobile version of the website, which looks a lot like your standard Udemy web version.

  4. Locate the Udemy class you want to buy. Click on the course.

  5. Once you do that, you’ll see the price of the class.

  6. Now select the “Redeem a Coupon” link, which should be underneath the “Take this Course” selection.

  7. A pop-up box will come up and ask you to “Enter Your Redemption Code.”

  8. Type in the code, and then select “Apply.”

  9. You’ll need to fill in your payment information for Udemy.

  10. Now, checkout and pay.

Many Udemy fanatics enjoy using their iPads on Udemy for learning. That’s because iPads are great for learning on, and simple to use. However, occasionally using the In-App purchase feature can be buggy as well, according to many Udemy users. At times, you’ll try to enroll in a course, not get registered, and still, get charged. When that happens, you’ll need to contact Udemy. Sometimes this issue also occurs with free Udemy courses.

Now that we’ve covered how to use a coupon code with Apple Devices, we’ll now move on and tell you how you can use coupon codes with your Android device.

Using Coupon Codes on Android Devices

After Udemy released its Apple app, it then followed that up nine months later with their Udemy Mobile App for Android, which became available for use in the Google App Store beginning in January 2014. Much like the Udemy Apple app, the Udemy Android app offers in-app purchases, just like the Apple version. Also, similar to Apple, the Android in-app purchase discounts are typically not as high compared to what you can find if you use your web browser.

However, the Android app seems to have fewer reports about bugs and problems with free courses and course purchases compared to the Apple app. Most Android Udemy app users feel that purchasing classes using the in-app feature is pretty simple, and there aren’t as many issues and bugs when you try to enroll in a course using the Android App compared to the Apple App.

While the in-app purchasing process is arguable easier using Udemy’s Android App, the same rules don’t always apply once you get into your courses. Many Android in-app Udemy users report that the Android App often crashes, which can be frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of your material. Because of those crashing bug issues, many Udemy Android users recommend using the web browser on their Android devices over the app.

So, how do you purchase Udemy courses using the Android app? We’ll cover that process in detail below.

  1. Grab your Android device and open the web browser you use. We wrote these steps around the Dolphin browser, which is standard on most Android devices. However, the web browser that you use really shouldn’t matter because the process is similar either way.

  2. Next, go to

  3. Once you get there, you’ll see a mobile version of the Udemy website that should resemble the usual site.

  4. Now you’ll need to find the Udemy course you want to purchase. Select that course.

  5. After that, you’ll see the price of the course.

  6. Go to the “Redeem a Coupon” link, which you’ll find below “Take this Course.”

  7. You should see a pop-up box that asks you to “Enter Your Redemption Code.”

  8. Enter the code. Hit “Apply”

  9. Enter your payment information.

  10. Checkout.

The coupon that you’ll use for the promotion can be used with as many courses as you want until the promotion ends. So, you should always save your Udemy coupon codes until they fully expire. If you're going to get the most out of the advertisements, you should plan on using your coupon for as many classes as possible before the promotions expire. Remember, however, that not all classes allow the Udemy coupons to be applied, so the coupon code you have might not work for every course you want.

Now that we covered how you can buy courses on the Udemy app as well as use your mobile device’s web browser so you can still apply discount codes, we’ll cover how Brazilian students can buy Udemy courses with a Boleto Bancario.

Using a Boleto Bancario

Brazilian students can also purchase Udemy courses on the Udemy mobile app or using a Boleto Bancario. We’ve included those steps for you below.

  1. First, you’ll need to locate the Udemy course you want to buy.

  2. Then, go to the course landing page.

  3. Select “Take This Course,” which you should see on the right side of your course’s landing page.

  4. Select “Boleto.”

  5. After that, select “Pay with Boleto Bancario.”

  6. You’ll be asked to confirm your method of payment. Click confirm.

  7. You’ll now need to review the Boleto terms and conditions. Go to the bottom of that page.

  8. Next, select “Finalize Payment.” That should take you to the bank-owned page so that you can get your boleto.

  9. Next, you’ll need to provide your name and CPF number.

  10. Once you do that, you should see a boleto in a different window that gives you payment information.

Once you have the boleto, you can either go to your bank to pay for your class and use your internet banking to do the same thing. Or, you can go to a retail store with your boleto and pay for your course in cash. If you do that, you’ll need first to print the boleto. You can do that by selecting “Print” under your “File tab,” or you can take a screenshot of your boleto and print it later. If your boleto says that it is still pending, you’ll have to get the info later by going to purchase history and then downloading the info.

Once Udemy gets confirmation that you completed your payment, you’ll see your class appear under “My Courses.” It can take around two to seven days for that to happen, so you’ll need to be patient if you decide to pay this way!

If you do obtain a boleto for payment, we strongly encourage you to use the boleto within five days so that it doesn’t wind up expiring on you. If the boleto expires, you can still get another one for the same course. Or, you can use one of the other payment options we provided you with above to pay for your class.

Now that we’ve reviewed several methods of payment and different ways you can use your mobile device and PC to pay for your Udemy class, we’ll cover everything you’ll be able to do with the Udemy app below. That way, you’ll know exactly how and when to use the Udemy app since, like most Udemy users, you’ll probably swap between your browser and app version often.

What You Can Do with the Udemy App

The Udemy app was first introduced to the world back in April 2013 when the Udemy Apple app first launched. One of the beneficial things about the Udemy app is that it gives students access to their courses anywhere at any time. The previous CEO of Udemy Dennis Yang once said that more than 30% of an Udemy user’s time is utilized watching and reading courses out of the Udemy app.

The Apple App, the Android App, and Udemy for Business

We mentioned earlier that once the Apple App was released, nine months later, Udemy came out with an Android app as well. Udemy then followed these apps with an Udemy for Business app. So, nowadays, Udemy has two different mobile apps that people can use depending on whether they use an Apple or Android mobile device. The significant difference between the two apps isn’t really how they work, but the user interface (UI) process.

The initial Udemy app created the opportunity for any person to load their courses, access their accounts, and browse online courses that they’d like to take. Udemy later came out with the Udemy for Business app, which was created so that a company’s team of employees could get into elective courses and professional development training using Udemy. Currently, the Udemy for Business app offers about 2,000 classes.

The courses offered on the Udemy for the Business app were all hand-selected by the experts at Udemy to make sure the topics and content quality met organizational standards and effectively utilized online corporate training content. Many other courses have been started by organizations on Udemy for their employees to take for training purposes on the Udemy for Business app. When organizations do that, the classes are private, and only authorized members can use these courses.

So, what can you do using either one of these Udemy mobile apps? We’ll cover that information in a bit more detail below.

Purchase Courses

On both mobile apps, you can purchase Udemy courses relatively easily. You should be able to get into your classes right after you buy them. Using the in-app purchasing feature, you can buy courses using local currencies if you are purchasing a course from the same country. Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, there are still some buggy issues when it comes to buying Udemy courses on the Udemy mobile app.

On occasion, some classes disappear from the apps once you purchase them. You might not be able to find these classes again or buy them on the app, but still, see the courses available in the web version. This experience can be a bit frustrating, and you may need to contact Udemy for a resolution if these types of things happen.

Also, remember that the price of courses using local currencies can vary depending on the different countries. For example, if you buy a course in India, you’ll pay in INR, which is the Indian Rupee. That means you’ll wind up paying a bit more than if you bought it in the United States because of the currency exchange rate.

A Note About Udemy Bugs

If you start using the Udemy mobile apps often, chances are, at one point or another, you’ll run into some buggy issues. For example, you may be charged for a class and then never get access to it. If that occurs, you’ll need to first reach out to the Apple App or Google App to support people. Those are the individuals that process the payment, not Udemy, so you’ll need to reach out to them to resolve the issue. Typically, the problem solves itself in two or three days.

Sometimes you’ll be able to find a course you’ll want to take on your mobile app, but you won’t be able to buy the course. Typically when that happens, you’ll see a tag telling you the course is coming soon, and no price will show for that class. Many users feel this is a bug that needs to be fixed within the app.

If you take a course inside of the Udemy app that includes several video lectures, especially if there are more than 150 or so videos in the class when you utilize the mobile app to see some of the videos, you might see a few videos, but not all of them. This issue sometimes happens on the website, too. That can be frustrating when you finally have time to sit down and learn something new.

Offline Course Viewing

The bug issue we mentioned above with missing videos typically happens more often on the website than the app. So, if you want to view courses offline and download them for that reason, it’s almost always far better to use the Udemy app for this, especially when dealing with a class that has several videos. Sometimes, instructors will give you files you can download.

However, if the instructor doesn’t provide you with those files, you can still use the Udemy app to save the entire course to your tablet or mobile phone so that you can use the course offline. Downloading the whole class and accessing it offline is great for when you can’t use the Internet, and you want to watch a video.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to purchase courses using the Udemy app or your mobile device’s web browser, you will more than likely be using both the mobile app and the website to access your course material, depending on what you are trying to do. When you want to download your full class, for instance, we recommend using the mobile app. However, when you want to pay for your course and use a coupon code, you should use your mobile device’s web browser.

With our tips and tricks, you should be able to save money when you sign-up for your Udemy classes, and enjoy your new quest for knowledge!