How to Get a Refund on Udemy: The Complete Guide

How to Get a Refund on Udemy: The Complete Guide

Udemy is a huge thing, offering online courses on just about any subject you could imagine, but how do you get a refund? It can be confusing for anyone.

How do you get a refund on Udemy? If it’s been less than 30 days since your course that you were unsatisfied with ended, you can receive a full refund on Udemy by choosing ‘request a refund’ under ‘options’ on the Udemy course.

Of course, this isn’t all for some people. To fully explore options for how to get a refund on Udemy, read on.

The Various Ways to Get a Refund on Udemy

Because Udemy is on so many different platforms, both mobile and not, there are many ways to request a refund. Whichever way you purchased it is how you’ll request a refund.

How to Get a Refund on Udemy Using the Computer

If you purchased a course on your laptop or desktop computer, this is how you’ll want to request a refund.

This is the simplest and most foolproof way to get a refund from Udemy. Copy the URL of your Udemy course. When viewing the Udemy course, look for the bar of menus containing:

  • Overview

  • Course Content

  • Q&A

  • Bookmarks

  • Announcements

  • Options

When you click on ‘Options,’ a menu should drop down. Select the option on the bottom, ‘Request a refund.’ This will take you to the Udemy contact support form, where you can fill out your complaints about the course and paste the course URL.

If it has been longer than 30 days, Udemy will not refund your money. At this point, they’ve transferred the money to the instructor as her paycheck and they cannot retrieve it.

How to Get a Refund on Udemy Through the App

If you purchased a course through the Udemy app on your smart phone or tablet, this is how you’ll want to request a refund.

If you purchased Udemy through the app downloaded from Apple or from Google Play, you’ll need to contact Apple or Google directly, as Udemy actually isn’t involved in the payments. Instead, iOS and the Google Play Store operate as third-party merchants in this case.

Read on to see how to request a refund for an Udemy course through Apple or the Google Play Store.

How to Get a Refund on Udemy When Purchased on iOS

If you directly purchased a course on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, this is how you’ll want to request a refund.

Unfortunately, by purchasing through the app, Apple acts as a third party. You cannot request a refund on your course through the Udemy website, but you can request one from Apple.

First, you’ll have to contact Apple support. There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest is to call them at 1 (800) 692-7753 or go to and submit a ticket.

Unfortunately, because it wasn’t purchased directly through Udemy, you may not be able to get a refund. The iTunes store doesn’t have the same refund policy as Udemy, and the decision ultimately comes down to Apple and whether they approve it or not.

How to Submit a Ticket for a Udemy Refund on iOS

Submitting a ticket for a refund through iOS is not all that difficult as long as you follow the directions below.

  1. Once you’ve clicked the link above, it will take to a page asking what product you need assistance with.

  2. Select ‘Music, apps, and services.’ This will take you to a page asking which service you need help with. Select the iTunes store.

  3. Now, select ‘Subscriptions and purchase.’ This should pull up another screen where you can select ‘Request a refund.’ After that, you can choose whether to send in an email to Apple support or go ahead and request the refund.

  4. If you select to send an email, you’ll want to give them your name, Apple ID, what Udemy course you would like refunded, and why you want a refund.

  5. If you select ‘Request a refund,’ you’ll sign into your Apple account and be shown all your recent iTunes store purchases. Next to the Udemy app symbol, you should find a ‘Report a problem’ button. When you click it, it will open to where you can choose the problem and describe it.

How to Get a Refund on Udemy When Purchased from the Google Play Store

If you directly purchased a course on your Google Play Store phone or tablet, this is how you’ll want to request a refund.

In this case, Google is a third-party merchant who controls any possible refunds. Because your payment processed through a separate entity than Udemy, you now have to request your refund through Google instead of Udemy.

Google has strict refund policies. Apps, games, and in-app purchases cannot be refunded past 48-hours of purchase. Unfortunately, because Udemy cannot give refunds when a course has been sold through a third-party like Google, you cannot get a refund unless it’s only been 48 hours.

If it’s been 48 hours since the purchase, you can quickly request a refund and they will most likely approve or decline it in about fifteen minutes.

To request a refund from Google Play on your computer, you can find instructions on their website here.

To request a refund from the Google Play Store App, you can find instructions here.

How to Get a Refund on Udemy When Purchased Through a Third Party

This is for everyone who took a Udemy course through a third-party merchant. If you didn’t buy the course through Udemy’s website or app, this is for you.

Udemy cannot help you with a refund. Because you purchased your course through something other than Udemy, someone else handled all the money, and you’ll need them to give you a refund.

If you purchased through a third-party, you may not be able to get a refund. You’ll have to directly contact the merchant instead of Udemy and inquire about the company’s refund policies. They may still give you the refund, never fear, but don’t bother with Udemy as they cannot help you in this situation.

How Long Until I See the Money Back in My Account?

After you submit a request for a refund of a course, you must wait for the request to be granted or denied. If it’s granted, you can usually expect the money to be credited back to your account after about 3 to 15 business days, which can be up to three weeks.

If it’s been longer than three weeks, you should contact Udemy. Something could have gotten confused, and they should be happy to help you fix it.

Who Isn’t Eligible to Get an Udemy Refund?

We’ve already covered that Google Play Store purchases can’t be refunded after 48 hours, Apple may or may not refund you, and Udemy will only refund thirty days after the course ends, but is there any other reason why Udemy wouldn’t give you a full refund?

Students Using Coupons for Udemy Courses

Udemy offers 100% off coupons for courses fairly regularly, as a way to draw people in for new courses. This is a great option if you’re short on cash, but want to learn something new. However, don’t think you can trick Udemy into giving you the course fee for free too.

If you use a 100% coupon on an Udemy course, you cannot get any kind of refund.

Udemy also offers other coupons for 50%, 75%, and various other amounts sporadically. While you still cannot get the full fee paid back to you, you can get the percentage of the cost you paid out of pocket refunded to you.

Repeatedly Requesting Refunds from Udemy

While Udemy has a very loose refund policy in place, compared to a lot of places, they do still know what some people are up to.

If you repeatedly request refunds for courses from Udemy, they may end up declining your refund requests eventually. Taken far enough, repeatedly requesting refunds can cause your account to be deactivated for abuse of the refund policy.

Downloading Content Off Udemy Before Requesting a Refund

Some courses have content that can be downloaded. If you have downloaded any content off the course before you request a refund, Udemy may refuse the refund.

This is to protect the instructors and their work. Course videos can be copyrighted, and while the instructor has permission to share it with her students, it is not intended to spread further, as that infringes on copyright laws.

Course materials that have been downloaded right before requesting a refund can send a red flag to Udemy as well. Many people will pay for an Udemy course, only to steal the materials from courses to sell for themselves.

Udemy is committed to giving refunds to unsatisfied customers, but they also have to watch out for people trying to make a quick profit by stealing materials.

How to Not Need a Refund from Udemy

We’ve gone through how to get a refund from Udemy, now here are a few ways to make sure you don’t have to request one after your next course.

Make sure to select courses for purchase after you’ve looked at the reviews. There are two most common reasons people aren’t fully satisfied with a course:

  • because they took one without enough reviews to fully know what they were getting

  • because they didn’t read through the reviews of the course

Make sure to read all the details of the course. What all are you buying? Are you buying a course designed to teach you the very details of Java programming in the ‘computer knowledge boot camp’? What else are you going to learn? If you don’t read all the information, you may not like the course after all.

Review the sample videos to get a hint of the quality of the course. By previewing the sample videos you will get a peek at the video quality, sound quality, and because Udemy is an international platform, you will also get a sense of any issues with an accent you struggle to understand. Not only that, but the preview will also give you a sense of what is covered and how in depth.

Make sure and do all your coursework. Since you’ve paid for this course, you may as well make an effort to succeed in it. Just like my mother said through my entire high school experience, if you put the effort in, you might just get something out of it.

Finally, buy your course through Udemy’s website, not the app or any other third-parties. This makes it easiest to get a refund if you are unhappy, as it’s as simple as a few clicks as we learned earlier.

Are Any of Udemy’s Courses Worth It?

Maybe you’ve just read that you can’t get a refund because you bought it through the App store. Maybe you downloaded one piece of course material, and now you can’t get your money back.

Is Udemy worth it? Ultimately, the internet still says yes.

If this was your first time trying Udemy and you feel burned by not getting your money back, read on to see if maybe it was just bad luck, and you may want to try again.

Is Udemy Worth the Cost?

While Udemy offers a full refund for thirty days if you’re unsatisfied at the end of the course, there are still many ways you could be denied a refund, just like with most things. The rules against receiving a refund are in place to protect the company and the instructors teaching the courses.

The internet is conclusive that Udemy is still worth it, despite the slight risk of not getting a refund. The variety and low cost of courses you can take make it easy for people to learn the skills they enjoy.

How is Udemy Worth the Cost?

All right, just because the internet says it’s true doesn’t mean that it really is true. Let’s look into just how Udemy is worth the cost.

A Variety of Options Through Udemy

The idea behind Udemy is to make it possible for anyone to learn anything. While they don’t offer actual degrees or accreditation, they do teach you skills you can employ in your present or future jobs.

There are courses on freelancing, on marketing, photography, web development, and hundreds more. Taking enough courses can often lead to learning enough to be able to start up your own website or business. Keep in mind though, none of them can offer accreditation.

Udemy isn’t meant to give you a degree to hang in your law office. Instead, you should use it to learn new skills that can enrich your life or your career. How many things have you said that you want to learn, but you’ve never gotten to? What if you were able to learn something new and get a promotion at work?

Can Udemy Recommended Courses to Me?

Shortly, yes, you can fill out a quick survey, and Udemy will filter out courses that would be of no interest to you.

For instance, my mom is interested in cooking, direct sales marketing, cats, painting, and baking. Her Udemy course suggestions then wouldn’t include things like writing Java Script and Mastering Coding Data Structure. Her suggestions would be more in marketing, art classes, and food.

If you know what you want, you can jump right into that search bar, but for the rest of us, Udemy’s ready to make suggestions.

The Average Cost of Courses at Udemy

Udemy courses cost roughly between $10-$200+. Udemy also constantly has deals running on for certain courses, placing them anywhere from 5% to 100% off.

If you find courses you’d like to take, but can’t quite afford, Udemy lets you save them so you can check on the price. The price will, most likely, be discounted or have a coupon you can use to get it discounted at some point.

It really is worth it to watch for a time when the course will be discounted. Settling for a lesser course normally leaves people unsatisfied. Unless you really need a course immediately, there isn’t any reason to purchase it when its price is high.

All of Udemy’s courses can be discounted, with a coupon or otherwise, at some point.

Flexibility of Udemy

Udemy is not only the place to learn anything, and they boast that you can also learn anywhere and anytime.

Their app is available to Apple and Android devices as well as laptop and desktop computers. This means you can take your coursework or homework with you anywhere that you take your phone or tablet.

It’s on your schedule, instead of a school’s schedule. You can choose to start it whenever you want, instead of waiting months for a new semester to happen and a new class list drops.

When Is Udemy Not Worth It?

For the most part, Udemy is a great way to learn new things. However, if you’re going into it looking for some things, you won’t be happy with the results of taking courses with Udemy.

If you’re looking for accreditation or a guaranteed professional teacher, you’re in the wrong spot. Udemy can’t offer the degree of a college or technical school. And their instructors aren’t required to have any kind of professional degree.

When You’re Not Looking to Explore Udemy’s Courses

If you aren’t looking to explore deeper into a subject by doing searches for the best courses, Udemy isn’t for you. If you want to delve deeper into a specific subject and are willing to maybe take a few bad courses, Udemy is a great choice for you.

On the flip side, if you aren’t willing to risk a couple bad courses, you should stay away from Udemy. Udemy offers no guarantee of the instructor’s quality. In fact, that’s why there’s such an open refund policy.

They have a very base level list of qualifications for listing a course with them. If you’re looking for a course that is accredited and has that level of quality, you’re not looking at the right place. You would be better off at a university. However, if you’re just looking to learn something new, this is the place for you!

So Udemy Doesn’t Offer Any Kind of Certification?

Are there no certifications I can earn from Udemy? The answer to this seems obviously, no. But the real answer is more complicated.

While Udemy cannot give you any kind of accreditation, they do give you a certificate upon completion. This certificate is identical from course to course, the only thing that changes between courses being the name of the course.

This isn’t much to work from, but it certainly is something. It’s far from a degree and we may not be able to present them to possible employers yet, but perhaps someday we will be able to.

How Qualified Are Udemy Instructors?

Now you’re probably wondering how qualified those instructors really are. Well, here’s the answer. There are no qualifications for a Udemy instructor.

Each course must be approved, of course, and reach certain standard, which can be read here. As long as your course is approved, you may become a Udemy instructor.

However, if you sign up with Udemy and your course isn’t popular, you won’t make any money, and your course will stay buried under the other courses that didn’t take off. In that way, the courses easiest to find are usually the best reviewed because they are of better quality.

Similar to things like AirBnBs, Udemy is just a platform trying to connect instructors with courses to share with students who want to learn but don’t quite have the budget. In AirBnB, people with extra room can rent them out to people who will pay to stay there. We’re all trusting each other to give us quality products.

How Does an Udemy Instructor Get Paid and How Much?

Udemy has a deal with instructors to run their courses on Udemy, taking a small percentage off each sale’s profit before it’s released to the instructor.

Other instructors are very well known, such as John Purcell. These are people who are actually gurus in their focuses offering lower priced sessions with them to learn about their specialty.

And how much do most of these instructors make on a daily basis? The best earners usually still only make around one thousand dollars a month. The average instructor’s salary is closer to $150-$250 a month.

It seems like even online, teachers don’t make that much money.

Is Udemy Even Legitimate?

After reading all this, you may be left wondering if Udemy is even a legitimate business. In fact, it is 100% legitimate.

What you’re paying Udemy is essentially the instructor’s pay plus a fee for the website connecting you to the instructor and supporting their material on the Udemy website. This is much like WordPress’s blogs. The writer is making the material, but WordPress is running the website aspect of it, giving them a platform to give reader’s the blog writer’s material.

This is a very common practice today. Uber is a platform that connects riders to drivers, AirBNB connects landlords with short term rentals. Each website charges a fee to connect the buyer with the salesman.

That all being said, you are paying for a legitimate service. If you’re unhappy with your course, you can always ask for a refund.

Can You Download Courses Off of Udemy?

This answer is a little tricky. Here’s the thing.

Instructors are in control of their own courses. It’s completely up to them whether or not they allow students the option of downloading the course or not. If your instructor chooses not to, as many lower priced courses instructors do, you cannot download it any other way.

If your instructor allows you the option of downloading courses, you need to make sure you like the course before you do. Referring to previous sections, Udemy can refuse your refund request if you’ve downloaded course materials.

Why Shouldn’t You Download Courses or Course Materials from Udemy?

If you take an Udemy course and it offers the chance to download the course, why wouldn’t you want to do that? The one reason you may not is simply whether or not you like it.

If you love the course, then perfect! Download away! However, if you’ve just started it and aren’t sure yet, don’t push that download button. As soon as you do, Udemy will refuse your refund for the course. Why? Because of previous students.

Because of Udemy’s refund policy, people were taking advantage of the instructor’s courses. By downloading the material and requesting a refund, they then had all the material and their money back. Then, if they were very enterprising, they could turn around and sell the course material for more profit.

Because of people doing this, Udemy had to tighten its policies on refunds, and they won’t allow a refund if you download course materials. As stated before, instructors are never required to allow students to download materials. Instructors do so at their own risk.

Why Would Anyone Download Courses or Course Material Off Udemy?

Now that I’ve told you all the reasons not to download courses from Udemy, I’ll tell you the reasons you should.

You can access your coursework from literally anywhere. By downloading it, you’re able to take it offline, with no worries about networks or cables connecting you to anything. Imagine, you can be reading about Machu Picchu while looking at it!

While most instructors won’t put their entire course up for download, as they’ve learned not to by people stealing it, they will allow some material to be downloaded.

Again, you will most likely be waiving that possible refund by downloading any part of courses, but if you only spent around $10, maybe that video is worth waiting to video until you hike to the top of Machu Picchu.

Interested in trying out a Udemy course? Check our lists of most-recommended Udemy courses by category.