Is Udemy Blocked in China?

Is Udemy Blocked in China?

If you live in China and you are considering using Udemy, you may be wondering whether or not your access to Udemy is blocked. Since China’s government heavily controls its citizens’ ability to access certain websites on the Internet, many people fear they will run into problems if they live in China. They are trying to take Udemy courses.

So, is Udemy blocked in China? No, Udemy is not blocked in China, but the website does run slowly sometimes. Many other sites are blocked in China. So, if you’d like to make your Internet run faster when you are taking Udemy courses in China, or if you are trying to access blocked sites, you can use a VPN as long as you stay in the legal limits of your situation.

Since there isn’t a lot of information on the Internet today about why Udemy seems to run so slow for its Chinese users, we’ll cover some of that information. We’ll also discuss ways you can speed up your Internet when you are trying to take Udemy classes, and how you can also access websites that are blocked in China.

Accessing Websites that are Blocked in China

The simplest method for obtaining access in China to websites that are censored is to utilize a VPN. VPN stands for a virtual private network, and will allow you not only access but also increased privacy while you browse the Internet. VPNs work as subscription items that help encrypt the Internet traffic you create, re-routing it through a different server that exists outside of China.

So, if you decide you want to access any websites that are blocked in China, you can do so by installing a VPN app on your device. Then you’ll be able to connect to a server that is outside of China, allowing you to bypass China’s Great Firewall, and go anywhere you’d like on the web. This formula would also potentially assist you if you live in China, and Udemy seems always to run slow because it will likely increase your Internet speed.

Why Does the Chinese Government Block Websites?

The Chinese government censors what Chinese citizens can see, which was a ruling made by the Communist Party in China. If any websites or apps do not abide by the Communist Party’s rules, or they seem like they have the potential to violate those laws, then those types of websites are blocked.

Many of the websites that are typically blocked in China includes western news media, many social networks, and user-generated content websites. If the government feels a website is vulgar, paranormal, overly violent, or obscene, then those websites are also blocked. Sometimes the government also blocks western websites and apps so that people have to use domestic resources for their products.

Which VPNs Help in China for Udemy and Blocked Websites?

Luckily, there is an updated list of VPNs that work in China, created by the Comparitech company. Keep in mind that VPN servers do get occasionally blocked in China, especially when there is conflict internationally are any social unrest in the country. That’s part of what life is like when you live in China.

However, for the most part, using a VPN will be your best bet to access any blocked websites in China, and also to get your Udemy classes running a bit faster when you try to access them.

Udemy Access in China

One thing you’ll be happy to know is that Udemy is not a website that the Chinese government has blocked—yet. However, many of those that take classes on Udemy that live in China report that the site can run very slow at times. Because Udemy can often run so slow in China, many people that live in China who want to take Udemy classes wind up subscribing to an excellent VPN service.

One way you can tell that Udemy is not banned in China is because although the website is often slow in China, you can still access it. If you are tentative to purchase a VPN, you can try a few other options to make Udemy run a bit faster. However, if these other options don’t work, the thing that will likely best clear up the problem is a good VPN server.

First, you can clear your browser history and cache a few times. You can also attempt to use a proxy server. Check on your Internet ISP as well to make sure they didn’t ban the website. If none of this works and helps Udemy run any faster, you should consider purchasing a VPN so you can access your courses.

If you’d like to check to see if a particular website is blocked in China in real-time, go here.

Using VPNs in China without Breaking the Law

If you’ve read any information about VPN use in China, you may have been informed that China’s authorities are blocking VPNs. When the news first broke, a huge uproar started, mostly focusing on more giant corporations. When the United States first heard about China’s plan, it began to issue warnings to the Chinese government because some companies originate in the United States, but perform their operations in China.

So, we’ll describe to you the grey area of the situation, and whether or not you can legally use a VPN in China.

Is it Illegal in China to Use a VPN?

In China, VPNs currently have no blanket ban on them. While many media sources in China have claimed that this is true, it is just false information. In China, the use of a VPN itself is not illegal within China. However, the Chinese government has described who is allowed to use VPNs and why you can use them, and you do need to pay attention to these rules.

China is effectively banning foreign VPN services and other services that don’t follow their government’s rules and regulations. With that in mind, several things have already taken place. For example, Apple made many VPN apps from its Chinese app store. Apple cannot allow themselves to get kicked out of China, or they will lose hold on its market.

Previously, telecom agencies in China were instructed to block the use of VPN traffic, beginning in March 2018. However, this rule never really took effect, and we see many VPN services still offering their use in China today. The truth is that this new law never really made VPNs illegal in China to the extent that it sounds.

For example, this new law didn’t necessarily state that you couldn’t use an American VPN server if you live in China, as you might have read online. All the Chinese government has done is ban VPNs that work without a license in their country. So, you can pick from many VPNs, and you’ll be able to get past the Great Firewall of China legally.

Using a VPN for Udemy in China

If you’ve decided that you’d like to use a VPN for Udemy in China, keep in mind that it isn’t impossible to utilize a VPN when you are living in China. While the use of VPNs in China is still in a grey area, several websites are blocked in China, and you have no other way of accessing them beyond a VPN. However, if you are only using a VPN to boost the speed of Udemy, for instance, you’ll be fine.

Keep in mind that the Chinese government isn’t trying to track down every single VPN user. If you are only using your VPN in China for personal purposes and staying away from risk, then you’ll be fine. If you wind up downloading a lot of data daily or you wind up contacting people that might be suspected of something in China, then you might have to deal with the authorities. However, this type of situation happens not only in China but anywhere you might live if you do both of the above actions.

Final Thoughts

Using a VPN in China to boost the speed of Udemy may be necessary if you find that Udemy runs slow for you while you are in China. However, keep in mind that you should still follow the country’s laws, and stay away from pornography and prostitution websites, because of the strong laws against those things in China.

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