Is Udemy Good for AWS?

Is Udemy Good for AWS?

Udemy is one of the most popular online course databases on the Internet, but many would-be academics wonder if it is a good choice for AWS.

So is Udemy good for AWS? The answer is yes, Udemy offers a variety of AWS certifications and courses designed to allow students to complete a robust education on AWS concepts. Udemy has 269 courses and practice tests available that are associated with AWS.

Udemy is a good place to learn more about AWS, but what exactly is it, and why would anyone want to take courses on it through Udemy? Read on to learn more about both AWS and the Udemy class system, and how they can be used together.

What Is AWS Anyway?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and has gone on to be redefined as any technology which involves itself with cloud computing platforms. Because the initiative for cloud computing technologies was spearheaded by Amazon, the ensuing tech has retained the name.

Amazon Web Services have been around for over thirteen years, and this cloud computing platform is how Amazon maintains and structures all of its digital retail platforms. AWS uses virtual computers to emulate all of the functions of a physical computer, including:

  • Central processing

  • Graphics processing

  • Local RAM memory

  • Hard-disk SSD storage

  • Multiple operating networks

  • Networking capabilities

  • Preloaded application software, such as software related to customer relationship management (CRM)

If you decide to specialize in AWS, you are deciding to specialize in a wide variety of cloud-computing computer science-oriented fields, from mass data management and analysis to artificial intelligence and access security management.

For up and coming computer scientists who want to develop a portfolio of marketable skills, you can't get much better than AWS certifications.

What Are the Services that AWS Provides?

One of the challenges of servicing the AWS system is that this vast networked servers and computers encompass a wide variety of different specialist services that Amazon provides to its customers. These services center on the following roles:

  • Computing services

  • Data migration

  • Data storage

  • Data security

  • Database services

  • Web analytics

  • Database management

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Application services

  • Developer tools

  • Mobile services

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

  • Customer engagement

  • Game development

As you can see, Amazon Web Services encompasses a huge portion of the marketplace in the digital arena, with roles that are so specialized as to be completely disparate from each other.

For this reason, Amazon requires almost a dozen separate certifications that cover the different responsibilities of each of these cloud computing service types and what IT is responsible for monitoring, making, or managing with regards to them.

What Are the Benefits of AWS Certifications From Udemy?

Having AWS certifications from Udemy makes an IT specialist a very competitive candidate in the field, since the overwhelming majority of the public still utilizes Amazon Web Services over all other current cloud-computing models.

This favor extends to corporations, who use Amazon's cloud computing to protect and transfer large amounts of delicate data amongst themselves. And current trends show that the AWS system is not going away anytime soon—quite the opposite, in fact.

AWS shows strong financial representation in the stock market, frequently releases new specialized services for public consumption and has thus far shown perpetual expansion in the cloud-computing market.

Any IT worker wishing to remain relevant in the field would do well to familiarize themselves with AWS and would be wise to bulk up their resume with some AWS certifications in case they are called upon to prove their industry expertise.

How Many AWS Certifications are Available?

Currently, there are 11 AWS Certifications available. Here they are in no particular order:

  • AWS Certified Machine Learning (Specialty)

  • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder (Specialty)

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking (Specialty)

  • AWS Certified Security (Specialty)

  • AWS Certified Big Data (Specialty

  • AWS Certified Developer (Associate)

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate)

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional)

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

As you can see, each of these certifications involves different commitment levels and involves specialized coursework that will prepare potential students for a specialization in Amazon-based cloud computing services.

Why Study AWS at Udemy?

There are several good reasons why a potential student might want to get their AWS certifications by participating in Udemy courses. Here are a few:

  • Udemy courses are economical. These courses go on sale frequently, so you can sometimes get access to career-changing education for mere pennies on the dollar. Udemy is one of the most low-cost places to get an education.

  • Once you've bought a Udemy course, it's yours. You might miss information taking a college class in person if you have to skip a day or skim through a section to keep up. With Udemy you can return to review the coursework as often as you need to.

  • You can go at your own pace. One of the major advantages of getting your certification in an online course is that many online courses are not paced and allow you to choose how fast or slow you study. This can lead to increased comprehension.

  • Udemy can be used to learn many new skills that can advance your career. Along with AWS certifications, Udemy offers thousands of courses from teachers worldwide on a wide range of topics, so if you want to learn how to do it, Udemy can help.

Disadvantages of Studying for AWS Certification on Udemy

There is one major disadvantage to taking an AWS certification course on Udemy--simply taking the course won't grant you the certification, because very few employers (including Amazon) recognize Udemy as a credited proctor for such exams.

However, taking a certification course on Udemy should give you all of the background knowledge you need to successfully pass an AWS exam through Amazon's services.

So while you'll still have to take the AWS exam once you've finished your certification coursework, you'll be much better prepared to do so, and stand an increased chance of passing the exam with flying colors.

There are also the regular disadvantages of online coursework, such as lack of socialization with classmates or a professor, but for IT specialists, these kinds of incidental concerns are usually prioritized well below a hard-earned certification.

Certification Is Not All That Is Needed

While IT certifications are vital for being competitive as an IT specialist in the open market, they aren't the only thing that's important when it comes to landing a decent IT job that involves cloud computing or AWS services.

Certification is certainly helpful in gaining a larger salary or keeping your resume sharp, but if all your experience with cloud computing is theoretical, it's going to show in your interviews, and you won't be able to illustrate enough working knowledge of the technology.

Along with getting your AWS certifications through Udemy, you'll also need to practice the different web development concepts explored in AWS coursework, so that you can solve practice problems and offer solutions regarding this technology in real work situations.

Certification Does Not Equal Competence, but It Is Still Necessary

Certifications are helpful for potential IT specialists, and Udemy's coursework on AWS is comprehensive and well-designed to help you pass an Amazon exam. However, just getting a certification is not an indicator of competence in cloud computing.

Your ability to program in AWS is going to be a more important consideration for potential employers than your certifications. However, these certifications are still used to gatekeep during hiring for IT companies.

By disqualifying anyone who does not have a certification, employers can immediately eliminate anyone who isn't totally serious about wanting a job in the cloud computing field.

Those who are willing to undertake the work to gain a certification show a strong work ethic and a respect for the rules. These are admirable traits in a potential employee, and for this reason, rather than to demonstrate competence, getting AWS certifications is desirable.

Certifications Equal Increased Pay

While an Udemy certification course and the resulting exam certification through Amazon not necessarily correlated with competence, earned certifications and demonstrated expertise often translate to several benefits in the working world, including:

  • Increased pay (both during hiring and during performance-based promotions)

  • Increased positive regard from management

  • Improved chance for promotion and cross-training

There are many incentives for businesses to have a partnership with AWS, but in order for them to do so, they must have IT staff with the proper certifications to maintain that alliance. If you are applying to companies that are doing this, certifications will help you immensely.

If your career has stagnated at your current job, earning certifications through online coursework like at Udemy can not only inspire you to regain interest in your current work, it can put you on the path to promotion or financial compensation.

If you earn certifications to enhance your current job and nothing changes for you, it might be that you have found yourself in a dead-end job, and new certifications can help you hunt around for something more lucrative.

Online Courses like Udemy Are as Useful as You Make Them

Like many other examples of online coursework, AWS certification courses at Udemy are only as good as the amount of effort you put into studying the coursework and preparing yourself for real-life applications of the concepts involved.

It is all too easy to press play on a coursework video, then tab over to something else, dividing your attention between your AWS course and a distraction.

While this can feel like one of the benefits of online coursework, it's actually one of the pitfalls. The danger of being the sole person in charge of your education means that if you don't have the discipline and willpower to engage the material, you're not going to learn it.

When taking Udemy coursework, you should ideally treat the course like any other college course you'd have to take with an in-person teacher and classmates. Take note, do proscribed examples of the work, and look up supplemental materials for advanced comprehension.

Udemy Comes with a Thirty Day Guarantee

One of the major advantages of taking AWS coursework on Udemy is that each course comes with a thirty-day guarantee. This means that you can refund any course on Udemy through the Udemy dashboard within 30 days for a full refund.

However, keep in mind that this refund only works for those Udemy courses that are purchased through the main Udemy website or the Android app.

Any courses purchased through a third party website or the iOS (Apple) app are not eligible for refunds, and refunds will have to be pursued through those parties. If you have difficulty refunding your Udemy course from the dashboard, you can contact the support team.

Benefits of Udemy Over Other Online Learning Platforms

The biggest benefit of choosing Udemy over other online learning platforms is that it is very cheaply priced. For any driven learner, this means that many certification courses can be purchased to broaden your knowledge pool of AWS.

Since the Amazon exam must be taken through Amazon and not Udemy anyway, you are not losing out on anything by purchasing a steeply discounted course.

The discount does not affect the length or quality of the course, and you should be able to earn your certification through studying that coursework as well as you would through a more expensive option.

Also, while Udemy has hundreds of courses available, it especially has variety in its courses related to IT and computer sciences, so it is a good choice for learning AWS.

While you are learning how to be a cloud guru, you may be able to pick up some other programming courses too.

Udemy AWS Coursework Evolves with the Certification

Because it is such new technology, the certifications offered through Amazon (and their corresponding exams) are constantly changing.

Luckily, Udemy has taken this into consideration and is constantly transforming its AWS certification coursework in response to these changes to reflect the most current requirements.

User reviews show that the changing coursework is beneficial in two ways:

  • It is kept up to date

  • It is a good representation of the information needed to pass the exam

This makes it a very competitive choice for learning AWS concepts geared at full Amazon certification.

Coursera Vs. Udemy and AWS Certifications

If you could earn your real certification for AWS through either Udemy or Coursera, that would make either of those learning platforms the victor over the other with regards to value for the money you spend in their coursework.

Typically, Coursera certifications in other IT platforms are taken a bit more seriously than Udemy, mainly because Coursera courses are taught exclusively by college-level professors, whereas anyone can throw together a course on Udemy to get paid.

However, since both learning platforms only offer certification preparation courses and not a true certification that is accepted by Amazon's IT management, it really doesn't matter which you choose, and the cheaper version (Udemy) is the clear victor.

Since you will have to go on once your coursework is complete and pay anywhere from $100-$300 for each attempt to pass an Amazon certification, it can be worth it to save a little of that money up front in your preparations to become certified.

For More Information on AWS Certification

Beyond taking relevant coursework at Udemy, Amazon itself also offers over a hundred free digital training classes in all the available AWS certifications.

These classes are geared at helping people improve their cloud computing knowledge, increase their general knowledge pool with regards to IT management, and earn their certification.

Because AWS services are constantly changing and evolving, Amazon took it upon themselves to spearhead the initiative to make cloud computing knowledge readily available to those IT specialists who want to learn more about it and how to properly manipulate and manage it as it emerges into a dominant world influence.

In some ways, these free training courses help off-set some of the expenses of having to take the AWS certification exam through Amazon, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Udemy Is Good for AWS, but Requires Effort to Be Effective

Udemy is a great source of training and knowledge to get you started on your road to AWS certification, but enrolling in the coursework alone isn't enough. It requires effort on your part to actually learn the material, rather than try to absorb it by osmosis.

Along with really engaging and participating in the AWS concepts illustrated by your Udemy coursework, you'll also need to practice these skills you're learning so that you have a clear grasp on how they actually work in a cloud-computing environment.

On top of your Udemy coursework, you can also supplement your knowledge on AWS by using Amazon's dozens of free courses and tutorials put together by Amazon's highest AWS experts.

Between these two sources of knowledge, both economical and easy to access, you should be able to go on to pass your AWS certifications with no trouble at all and be well on your way to an exciting new (or improved) career in information technology and cloud computing.

Check out Udemy's website to view all AWS Certification courses.