Online Course Certificates Are Going Further

Online Course Certificates Are Going Further

Online Courses With Certificates Are Going Further

A continuous quest for knowledge is vital for career and financial progress. For current and future job seekers, continuous learning is the only way to get a competitive advantage in the job market. For the employed, career advancement is driven by new knowledge and skills obtained from continued education.

One alternative means of learning that is fast, and delivers the most value for money are online courses with certificates of completion. This post examines how Udemy, a reputable online course provider, can transform your professional future.

Update your knowledge and skills without taking a study leave

There were days when a bachelor’s degree was the gold standard qualification in any given industry. Things have now changed.

The shelf life of your bachelor's degree is now rated to be less than five years. Meaning after that, you have to update your skills or lose your job because of obsolete skills. That's where Udemy comes in.

Udemy is an online learning platform with over 130,000 courses, many of which could be incredibly useful in your industry. The classes have a lower educational time commitment, allowing you more time to work and the flexibility to learn when your schedule permits. You also get to earn a printable certificate after completion.

Bridge the skills gap without going back to school

Aspiring professionals today are faced with a crippling knowledge gap. There is a big gap between college education and employer demands. Udemy courses are the potential solution to this problem.

Fresh graduates can take the courses in preparation for the job market.

Studies show that employers expect more than what graduates can offer. That explains the increasingly dropping employment rates for fresh college graduates. A job-oriented online certification course from Udemy can help to bridge this gap.

Transcend your financial hurdles to education

Further education after college is usually reserved for the privileged while the majority is held down by an ocean depth of student debt.

One in every five Americans has student debt of about $37,172. That is a significant financial hurdle, preventing many from pursuing a master’s degree and other higher-level forms of education.

Luckily, Udemy provides a wide variety of affordable online courses with certifications. Some top universities and colleges also sponsor some of the online courses. Not everyone might be wealthy enough to fly to Europe or the US for higher learning, but Udemy brings the education right to where you are.

After taking the course, you have a universal proof of completion in the form of the printable Udemy certificate. You might also get a legit accreditation from the course creators.

The printable Udemy certificate is a badge of recognition

Today, there is stiff competition in the workplace. There is a mad rush for new certifications and new titles because these tools unlock the doors for higher salaries and job promotions. Did you know that you can be eligible for the same with an online course?

Upon completion of your Udemy course, you will receive a printable certificate of completion that you can leverage as proof of accomplishment.

Through proper positioning, a Udemy certificate can help to advance your career when shared with your employers. You can even add this certificate on your resume.

LinkedIn or any other portfolio

The Udemy certificate speaks volumes about your commitment to the subject matter in your field. It also shows that you have the self-drive and motivation to be better at what you. These are employable/promotable qualities.

There is growing acceptance for online certifications

The value of online certification is rising. Online courses are a worthwhile investment in terms of money and time. Whereas a college degree takes 3 to 4 years, it will take just weeks or a few months to bridge your skills gap when you buy a Udemy course. There is no better way to add color to your resume and get to stand out from the crowd.

When you buy a Udemy course, you can also get a certificate from the institution or instructor offering the course through Udemy. That means that if you choose the right online course, you stand to get a Udemy certification plus the legit certification from the course sponsors. Such an online course certificate can catapult your career to greater heights.

The future of the job industry is freelancing

Forbes reports that by 2027, almost 50% of the US workforce will be freelancing. Currently, in the UK the number of freelancers is already 15% of the entire working nation.

Freelancing is a desirable working lifestyle with flexible working hours, unencumbered travel (digital nomadism) and living life to the fullest.

If you would like to explore this nonconformist path in life, an online course from Udemy can get you there fast before you even think about college.

Online courses involve self-paced learning

An online course from Udemy is not held down by the restrictions of traditional educational pedagogy. You can study at a fast or leisurely rate depending on your schedule.

You can explore a variety of materials and decide which ones are more effective for your study. These include video tutorials that you can access whenever is convenient for you.

As stated earlier, Udemy online courses can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. It depends on what program you choose or the specific field in which you seek knowledge.

What's guaranteed though is that you will be able to balance work, social life, family and your professional advancement endeavors.

Udemy certification courses offer the best value for money

A 2018 HSBC report reveals that a university degree course can cost you an average of $99,417 in tuition and general expenses.

An online course on Udemy, on the other hand, is very affordable. These online courses are effective at updating your knowledge and skills. In Udemy’s large library of online courses, you can choose to enroll in free or paid courses. The paid courses go much further in depth than the free courses.

The paid courses aren't as expensive as the price of traditional education, as revealed by the HSBC report. Udemy courses range from $10 to $200, but the earning potential from the skills gained from these courses can gross hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can learn anywhere at any time

One of the ways online courses have revolutionized education is by enabling learners to study wherever they are.

Unlike a university course that requires you to attend real-life class sessions, you can meet your Udemy course requirements while on vacation, on a train, or at home.

Global recognition

Udemy is globally recognized as one of the leading providers for online course certificates. Some of the courses, especially in IT, are renowned certifications that can jump fresh graduates past their entry-level restrictions in the job market.

One reason for the popularity of online certifications is the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled professionals to fill gaps in the job market—there is a widening disconnect between conventional education and the changing needs of the industries.

The recognition also stems from the romance between technology and training, which Udemy has effectively leveraged.

Expert instructors

One of the most desirable qualities of Udemy courses is that the course providers and instructors are experts in their fields.

The platform does a rigorous vetting to ensure that the courses offer the best value to candidates. You can, therefore, expect that your certification course will be aligned with the industry demands.

The education is certification focused

Udemy courses are certification focused. The online courses are laser-focused in specific fields but are also comprehensive enough to turn new beginners into experts.

Instead of spending many years in a classroom to learn about abstract concepts that only equip you with obsolete skills, you can take the Udemy approach that entails fresh curricular that take a stab at the many challenges in the industry.

The skills and knowledge from Udemy courses will make you an indispensable asset in your organization.

Udemy online certifications help you learn what matters most

After completing a Udemy course, the difference will be noticeable by everyone in your organization. That is because you get to operate from a higher intellectual plane.

You will be able to proactively take charge, come up with fresh ideas and contribute to the positive direction of your company. Your career will get a whole new meaning after the course.

Simulation-based practical learning

Although Udemy courses don't entail on the job training, the model is one that will get you as close to experiential learning as possible.

If you choose the right course, you will find that the syllabus is crafted to link textbook knowledge to workplace demands. That's because the instructors and course creators have had a firsthand experience of the industry.

Better still, some of the video tutorials include experts brought in from various fields to shed light on specific subjects. That might include CEOs of top companies, entrepreneurs or inventors.

The right Udemy course recreates an industry challenge(s) and then directs the curriculum towards providing solutions.

The bottom line

Continued learning is foolproof career advancement techniques. Udemy online courses, and their certificates of completion, have great potential to improve your employability and career growth.

Udemy certificates now hold a considerable amount of intrinsic significance among employers. Explore your course options today with our most recommended list of Udemy courses by career to future-proof your career.