The 6 Best Sites for Udemy Coupons (that work)

The Six Best Sites for Udemy Coupons (that work)

So, you’ve started taking some Udemy courses, and you’ve fallen in love with the experience? That’s not too surprising! Udemy, as an online platform, can help DIY learners teach themselves just about any new hobby or career skill. While most of Udemy’s courses are not accredited, there is still so much knowledge available in each Udemy course, and it’s well worth the price. However, even though Udemy is affordable, you can get your classes at a more significant discount if you learn to use Udemy coupons.

So, what are the best sites for getting Udemy coupons? We feel the best Udemy coupon sites are:

  • Coupon Box

  • eDeal Info

  • Coupon Trump

  • Good Shop

  • Coupon Follow and

  • OZ Bargain

Since there isn’t a lot of information available on the Internet today that covers Udemy coupons, we created this article to help you out. Below we’ll cover the best sites for getting Udemy coupons, and we’ll give you some information about each one of those websites. Then, we’ll discuss how you can use coupon codes on Udemy so you’ll know what to expect.

Udemy Coupon Sites

One of the reasons why Udemy has become so popular recently is the vast range of knowledge the website offers. With so much information to pick from, a person can learn just about any new hobby or career skill. Even more surprising, Udemy courses usually include far more information than a single textbook at a much lower cost of $10 per session. Also, you’ll realize very quickly once you start using Udemy that an Udemy class is much easier to understand and follow than a textbook.

So, if you’re one of the many people who have recently become addicted to learning through Udemy, congratulations. There’s nothing better than finding an affordable route to lifelong learning! However, if you want to get the most out of your Udemy experience, you’ll also want to try to figure out ways to save the most money.

And that’s where Udemy’s coupon codes come in handy. By learning how to access and use Udemy coupon codes, you’ll be able to save yourself a bit of money on your next Udemy course. Below we’ll cover a few of the best Udemy coupon sites around so that you can save some money on your following few Udemy courses!

#1: Couponbox

The goal of is to make unique shopping experiences for their customers with additional value. The website aims to help online shoppers save money on the items they purchase. Couponbox not only offers coupons for Udemy but other online merchants, as well as JC Penny and Kohls. Couponbox dedicates its website to finding all available discounts around so that you can save money daily.

Couponbox aims to help shoppers across the globe save money. The company has done such an excellent job of achieving that aim that they now offer couponing portals in three countries today. Couponbox’s team performs daily tests of thousands of the coupons they receive by hand, and they also negotiate with stores and websites like Udemy for exclusive coupons and offers. As Couponbox continues to grow, they continue to work on new features to make their website the best around.

All services offered on Couponbox are free of charge for website users. Couponbox has been operating for many years, helping ordinary people save a lot of money on online shopping experiences. Many Udemy instructors use Couponbox to advertise and create coupon codes for their Udemy courses. So, if you are trying to save some money on your next Udemy course, Couponbox is a great place to start!

#2: e-Deal Info

Another excellent website to use for Udemy coupon codes, as well as other online shopping experiences, is e-Deal Info. E-Deal Info has been around for nearly two decades, and they are a fully dedicated online coupon website that focuses on providing coupons and discounts to bargain hunters.

The team at e-Deal Info spends hours upon hours daily trying to find deals on various products ranging from technological devices to household cleaners. E-Deal Info offers a bevy of options in coupons and promotions from 15,000 merchants, including Udemy.

E-Deal Info started its business back in 2000 and was started by a single employee. Since then, e-Deal info has grown into a team of thousands of deal finders who spend time every day researching the best offers that are available on the Internet. With E-Deal Info, you shouldn’t ever have to miss out on any, and it’s that can help save you money.

E-Deal Info aims to make products and services cheaper for all of its members. E-Deal Info offers coupon codes for Udemy as well as a bevy of other merchants. The Udemy discount codes you’ll find on their website are sometimes created by the instructors at Udemy when they are running promotions for their classes. Before you sign-up for your next Udemy class, make sure you check for any coupons here so you can save a bit of money.

#3: Coupon Trump

One website that focuses on allowing Udemy instructors to create Udemy coupons and offers whenever necessary is Coupon Trump. Coupon Trump not only covers Udemy courses but other online learning courses from different learning platforms. When an instructor signs up to offer a coupon code through Coupon Trump, they need to have their classes already developed and ready to sell. They also need to be in a relevant affiliate program.

When you search around for these coupons from Udemy instructors on Coupon Trump, keep in mind that the database automatically grabs the cheapest coupons first. So, if you wind up submitting a coupon for a different price after that, it won’t be updated. However, if you want to replace your cheaper coupon with your more expensive one, all you need to do is Email the kind folks at Coupon Trump at and explain to them what you need.

#4 Good Shop

If you want some fantastic coupons for your online shopping, whether it’s Udemy or something else, then Good Shop is a great place to start. Good Shop aims to find the best deals that are available on the Internet while they also donate to a nonprofit or a school that you select for each purchase you make. So, whenever you shop with Good Shop, you’ll not only save money, you’ll also be giving to charity at no additional cost.

Good Shop works with 114,000 nonprofit organizations as well as schools, so you can pick a cause, shop for your purpose, and help donate to whatever is important to you whether you want to donate to a nearby animal shelter or a cancer research center. Also, if you don’t see your nonprofit or school listed on Good Shop’s current list, you can add them reasonably quickly.

Since Good Shop started nine years ago, they’ve raised money for many different charitable and nonprofit organizations and raised over $13 million. And while Good Shop offers discounts for thousands of merchants, Udemy is one of them, and you should be able to find decent coupon codes for Udemy on Good Shop’s website.

If you want to get started with Good Shop, you’ll need first to view their pick a cause site and decide on your charity or school. However, if you aren’t sure if anything on that list is for you, you can read through Good Shop’s featured causes, which can help you make your selection. Also, you never have to settle with your choice and you can change your purpose anytime you want to.

Once you’ve picked your nonprofit, you’ll be able to start shopping at the stores you love as well as Udemy and use your coupons. You’ll save money while also raising money for charity. Also, since many Udemy instructors use this website to offer their coupon codes and discounts when they are promoting their websites, you should be able to find plenty of helpful discount codes.

#5 Coupon Follow

Another excellent resource for Udemy coupons and other online merchant discount codes is Coupon Follow. Coupon Follow finds coupon codes from online merchants and offers them on their website so their members can save money. However, keep in mind that Coupon Follow can never guarantee the authenticity of a coupon code that is listed. Also, Coupon Follow still recommends that you check the promotions at the merchant’s website.

Once you get to Coupon Follow’s website, you’ll see plenty of information about several online merchants, but Coupon Follow’s affiliation for Udemy becomes obvious. Coupon Follow includes a lot of information about money-saving tips for Udemy courses. Coupon Follow mentions you can take several free Udemy courses on a wide variety of topics. If you’d like to try out Udemy and use a free course on a trial one, all you need to do is go to and search “free courses.”

Coupon Follow also mentions the fact that Udemy often offers sales that drops the pricing of many of the courses. Also, Coupon Follow reminds their readers that if you ever take an Udemy course, you don’t like, you can contact Udemy’s Customer Support to get a full refund.

So, you can use Coupon Follow to find discounts on many online merchants, including Udemy. Plus, on this website, Udemy course instructors also often come and offer promotions on their courses on Coupon Follow, making this another great place to get a discount on an Udemy course.

#6: OZ Bargain

OZ Bargain is an Australian website focused on offering discount codes and bargain information to shoppers in Australia. This website is also set-up so fellow Australians can share coupon codes. You can find many of the best bargains in Australia on this website. However, even if you aren’t from Australia, you can still find some awesome Udemy coupon codes on this website that you can use no matter where you live.

If you want to use OZ Bargain, you’ll have to register for an account and submit a new bargain to the website. Once you are a member of the site, you’ll be able to vote for deals you like or don’t like, discuss some of the sales and opportunities with other shoppers in the community, and grab some Udemy coupons. Remember, you can post what you’d like, but there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow.

OZ Bargain typically displays the bargains with the most votes first to members in the community. Deals that get several votes appear on the home page. If a deal receives more negative votes than positive, it is automatically removed from the voting list. This feature is helpful when you are shopping around for Udemy coupons because you’ll be able to find reliable coupon codes because of the way this website operates.

Merchants and Udemy instructors are also free to come onto OZ Bargain and share information about their bargains or coupon codes. So, some Udemy instructors do come onto this website to make their coupons and offer promotions for their classes. You’ll also be able to see if the promotion is worth it by merely analyzing the favorable votes of the Udemy coupon code.

Now that you know the six best sites for Udemy coupons, we’ll give you a brief overview of how you can use your coupon codes on Udemy to redeem your Udemy coupons below.

How to Redeem an Udemy Coupon

So, now that you know the top six best sites for Udemy coupons, how can you use those coupon codes on Udemy to redeem them? Finding discount codes can help you kickstart your new learning adventure at a discount so that you can save some money. Once you understand how to redeem Udemy coupon codes, you should be able to save money every time you sigh-up for a new Udemy course.

Once you have your coupon code from one of the six websites we mentioned to you above, you’ll need to go to and redeem the coupon code. However, you cannot use coupon codes or gift codes on Udemy’s mobile app. Instead, if you are using a coupon code to sign-up for a new class, you’ll need to sign onto Udemy using your computer. Once you do that, follow the steps below to redeem your coupon code.

  • First, locate the Udemy course that you plan to buy.

  • Next, click “Apply Coupon,” which you can find on the course landing page’s right-hand side.

  • Now, type in the coupon code. Once you are done typing, click “Apply.”

  • You’ll now see the cost of the class update itself to show the discount and your new price total.

  • If you are okay with the price and ready to purchase your class, then tap on “Buy Now” to buy the course.

“Sorry, This Course Is Not Included in This Promotion”

If you enter your Udemy coupon code and see the message, “Sorry, this course is not included in this promotion,” there’s a reason for it. Remember that all Udemy courses are developed and managed by their instructors. So, Udemy allows their instructors to decide on whether their classes will be included in the standard Udemy promotions and sales. Some instructors do want to be included in Udemy’s traditional promotions, while other instructors opt-out.

So, if you see this message when you try to enter the coupon code, you’re getting the message because the instructor opted out of the promotions. So, you cannot use your coupon code for that course. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the coupon code for other classes. Most Udemy instructors do choose to enroll in Udemy promotions. Even if you cannot use your Udemy coupon for the course you want, you can probably find something similar and still utilize a coupon and a discount.

How Long Do Coupon Codes Last?

Whenever you obtain a coupon code that is a promotion from Udemy, you can use that coupon code on any eligible courses until the promotion is over. The amount of time you have for a specific Udemy coupon depends on the length of that promotion since the time you have to use a coupon can vary from promotion to promotion. Some promotions accept coupons for many days, while others last several weeks.

If you don’t know how long you have on a particular coupon code, you can always contact Udemy or the instructor that is offering that specific promotion. Either way, you should be able to find out the duration of the promotion so you can use your coupon before it expires.

Why Don’t Coupons Work on the Udemy Mobile App?

With your Udemy mobile app, you can use the payment systems for Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS). However, because of this conflict, you cannot redeem a Udemy coupon code on those mobile platforms. So, whenever you try to redeem a Udemy coupon code, you’ll need to go to the website on your computer and follow the steps we provided above to redeem your coupon.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve provided you with the six best sites for Udemy course coupons, you should be able to apply a discount to almost any Udemy course you want to take. By utilizing coupons for your Udemy courses, you can save quite a bit of money while you learn a bevy of new skills.