This is Why Udemy Courses are So Cheap

This is Why Udemy Courses are So Cheap

Udemy is a low-cost way to learn about almost any subject you can learn in a classroom, all from the comfort of home. Potentially altering the future of online education, The Udemy class structure has quickly skyrocketed to hosting thousands of instructors, and according to Time magazine, more than 10 million students. With only slightly more being enrolled in the university education system, Udemy is a close competitor that may change the world of learning forever.

Why are Udemy Courses so cheap? They are legitimate courses that may increase your hiring value, but:

  • Udemy is not officially accredited nor recognized by employers

  • It does not replace a university, official-certification, or official institution

  • You do not get college credit or real-world application of the credits

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that the courses are cheap on Udemy. They are offering you a way to learn, but they can’t offer you accreditation, credit, or guarantee qualified teachers. It is difficult to say that Udemy is innately cheap as some courses are considered very expensive on the website, ranging up to $5,000 for one course. We will cover the best ways to utilize Udemy, getting the most out of this affordable program, and ways to make it even more affordable!

This is Why Udemy Courses are So Cheap

There are numerous reasons why you can find a reasonably priced course on Udemy. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Supply and demand – with 30,000 courses on Udemy, it is hard to charge a huge price-tag with so much competition from Udemy teachers. This isn’t to say all courses are cheap, with the highest on record being $5,000.

  • The certificate given to you at the end of the course is a mere digital piece of paper with little to zero value.

  • Udemy certificates should not be included on your resume.

  • Udemy is not officially accredited.

  • Udemy is not recognized by employers.

  • Your skills and portfolio will raise your value as a candidate, not Udemy courses.

  • A Udemy certification will not land you any jobs, and you should only mention the skills you possess, not that you learned them from Udemy.

  • It does not replace a university, official-certification, or official institution.

  • Udemy is not equivalent to college credit.

  • Udemy is also notoriously cheap because they post sales constantly so that users know to never really pay ‘full-price’ for a course.

The last point is the major takeaway for purchasing a Udemy class. It’s almost always on sale, so if it’s not, simply wait for a more opportune time to enroll in that class you’ve had your eye on!

Why the Teachers Contribute to Udemy’s Affordability

So many of these Udemy professors are real professors that teach at universities or experts in their crafts.

You can be taught by painters of 50 years, fluent language experts that know 5 languages, or any kind of expert, but you could also be taught by someone that doesn’t know very much and is solely using Udemy to make a buck.

This is atypical--most of the courses are from reputable and well-rated. But some of the reasons Udemy is affordable is due to their teacher qualification system.

  • There is no standardized test or examination of the information uploaded to Udemy. Therefore you could be taught by an amateur that has no idea what they’re talking about, rendering you full of useless, fake, and incorrect information. It is not likely, but possible.

  • You are usually not being taught by an academic professor, but by someone who claims to be an expert.

  • Most teachers on Udemy are not qualified, and many argue that they are doing it for profit, not to teach you the skill. I tend to argue with that point as most Udemy teachers are just really into finance, or coding, or art, etc. But with no way to test their qualifications, you can only go by ratings and research to determine if their content is viable or accurate.

Again, most likely, 95% or more of these teachers do it because they love it and really care.

Simply beware of the small minority that have no idea what they’re talking about.

When in doubt, trust the thousands of reviews and determine how much value was gained off each given course.

Not All Udemy Courses are Cheap

Sometimes the technique of a Udemy teacher is to take the following steps:

  1. Price a course at $500 knowing that Udemy always has discounts. They price it significantly higher so they can make the figure they had in mind.

  2. If they’ve already decided they want to make $50 off the course, doesn’t their course look more valuable if it’s discounted from $500 instead of $100?

It is human nature to want to feel like we got the $1,000 painting for $100 instead of a $200 painting for $100. Udemy teachers realize this. They price their courses higher to offer a bigger discount, making you feel like you’ve got a whole lot for a whole little!

The average course on Udemy is priced at around $99.00 - $199.00 but discounted to around $19.99.

We wouldn’t recommend paying $5,000 for a Udemy course because, at that point, you could go to university and have a course credit, tangible value, and hours you could potentially list on your resume or include verbally in an interview. An employer will be impressed if you took a college course and can describe the value you gained from it, but they probably won’t be impressed by you spending $5,000 on Udemy.

Some Udemy teachers will also take the following tactic:

  1. Discount one class to $19.99.

  2. Prove worth as an excellent teacher passing on real value.

  3. Keep the rest of the classes at full price.

  4. Students will pay $50, $75, $100 now because they understand the value offered in a $20 class, and they want more!

It is a great idea to price your starter class incredibly low and raise the price from there. Give your students a taste but not all of your best information upfront. If your product is worth it, people will pay more.

Ways to Find Udemy Classes for Even Cheaper!

As if it wasn’t already gloriously affordable, here are fantastic tips to make learning even more accessible.

Udemy does have a strict tracking system and screening process for coupons, so not all of them that you find from external sources will be compatible, and they often are expired

The ways to find courses for even cheaper are:

  • Wait for a sale! Udemy is constantly making a $99 course $49, a $20 course $10, etc. Wait for one of those half-off sales and turn on your email notifications to be alerted of special promotions

  • Search on Facebook under, ‘Udemy Free Coupons,’ and see what posts Udemy has offered. There is a page dedicated to this called “Udemy 100% Free coupons.’ You can search through as well.

  • Search on Twitter under the hashtags of #Udemy #free #udemyfree #udemyfreecourses, etc.

  • Check Retail Me Not searching Udemy.

  • Check Udemy Promotions Directly as Udemy is constantly finding ways to make courses cheaper for their students.

Most students know not to pay full-price for a course and that the business model of Udemy (sneaky and genius as can be) is that a course will always end up on sale, and no one should pay full price.

Often courses are around $20, which is an affordable way to get started with a new concept for a low price.

Udemy is incredibly affordable and always offering sales promotions for its students. In case you want some hacks to find the cheapest courses possible.

Best Courses to Get Started on Udemy

Here are several courses listed on Udemy that are under $25 (that’s the sale price):

· Entire MBA in 1 Course – Award Winning Business School Professor

· The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2019

· Graphic Design Bootcamp for Beginners

· Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

· Yoga for Everyone

Final Verdict on Udemy’s Worth

Udemy is a wonderful resource, and we are lucky to live in the digital world where we have access to so much knowledge.

Take your learning into your own hands and use Udemy as a starting platform for anything you’ve wanted to learn but couldn’t afford through a college or university.

Just because the Udemy certificate does not carry onto your resume does not mean that the skills won’t!

Here is a link to Udemy’s Official Site so you can explore the thousands of courses they have listed, and as they put it, “learn on your own schedule!”