Udemy for Business: What is it Exactly & How Can it Help You?

Udemy for Business: What is it Exactly & How Can it Help You?

Udemy is a massive open online course (MOOC) that was founded by Eren Bali in 2010. The online platform helps its users learn anything by providing a customizable education experience. There are more than 130,000 courses on Udemy, and they are offered worldwide. The success of Udemy as an educational platform has been so great that Udemy for Business was created.

So, what is Udemy for Business? Udemy for Business is a specialized portion of the Udemy online education platform that caters to businesses and the people that work for them. It provides classes that businesses can benefit from – like marketing, leadership and strategy, and content management systems. It also gives you the option to create courses yourself.

Udemy for Business offers “consumer-first content that helps you build a culture of learning” for a workplace that is successful and happy.

What is Udemy for Business?

Udemy is a unique learning platform because it focuses on transferring knowledge instead of giving out diplomas. It is a collection of content from expert instructors that you can choose from to build your own personalized courses to better yourself and your business.

Udemy for Business prides itself on delivering quality educational content to its students. The platform provides:

  • Convenience. Udemy offers complete freedom over what you study and how you study it. You’re able to learn at your own pace with no restrictive time limits.

  • Variety. There is an enormous variety of subjects available to study in many different fields.

  • Affordability. You can find courses under $10 on Udemy, and there are often discount codes and seasonal offers that you can take advantage of for even more savings.

  • Certification. Once you complete a course, you are provided a certification that shows you have completed the course. The certificate can be saved as a file that you can share to show your achievement.

There are two ways that Udemy for business can help you. It can help you with your entire company or organization, helping your employees become better workers with a strong learning culture. Additionally, it can allow you to further your own education to improve a business you have started, and it can give you the freedom to make your own courses to sell on Udemy.

Using Udemy for Business for Your Organization

As a business owner, you can use Udemy for Business to create courses for your employees to complete that will help them be the best employees that they can be. There are many ways that using this platform can help your overall work atmosphere and production.

Some ways that Udemy for Business benefits employees are:

  • It helps to increase worker productivity by focusing on self-directed learning.

  • It heightens engagement by providing consumer-first content that is enjoyable to use.

  • It enables and develops a “culture of learning” within your company.

  • It can help you understand how your employees learn and thrive.

The learning platform adds about 100 new courses a month, which keeps it on top of the latest skills and technologies that help make companies successful.

Some of the most popular courses that are offered and their benefits are:

Plotly and Dash

Teaches how to make interactive plots and intelligent dashboards with platforms like Plotly, Python, and Dash which makes building complex apps with interactive elements much easier

Time Management

Teaches effective time management to maximize productivity in the workplace; introduces strategies that help workers avoid distractions and set realistic goals

CompTIA Security+ Certification

Teaches CompTIA certifications, which are vendor-neutral IT certifications that can range from beginner level to expert and helps keep IT professionals up to date on the knowledge and technologies they need to know


Teaches skills that help with motivation and effective leadership; great for project managers and technical or functional employees that need help developing their leadership


Teaches many different areas of cybersecurity with over 26 courses that focus on different cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities; helps users understand data security

Citrix Cloud

Teaches how to configure and start publishing applications with the Citrix Cloud services and services like AWS and Azure

Augmented Reality Portals

Teaches how to create AR experiences using the ARKit by Apple; shows many AR concepts like building AR apps, creating portals, and importing 3D modeling assets

Windows Presentation Foundation

Teaches how to use the WPF UI framework to make desktop client applications; offers over 18 hours of video that gives a comprehensive WPF learning experience

Python, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

Teaches how to use these technologies in order to increase technological knowledge and skill; learning Python (one of the most popular programming languages) enables users to create their own basic blockchain and cryptocurrency

Investment Banking: Private Equity 101

Teaches important Wall Street skills dealing with private equity – the core concepts, how the funds are raised and financed, and how to understand private equity deal funnels

These and tens of thousands of other courses are available for you to put together customized classes for your employees to take. Not only does Udemy for Business offer both technical and technological courses, but it also provides various courses on skills that can help make your workplace a better place, like team building, social skills, and personal development.

Using Udemy for Business for Yourself

For those of you that have a small business or even those of you who are experts in your field and would like to make a business out of teaching others, Udemy for Business is a great way to make money simply by teaching others the skills that you have.

The business platform can help individuals by providing the following:

  • A place to create your courses

  • The option to charge for your courses, offer them for free, or do a mixture of both

  • Can drive traffic to your main business website

  • Offers free marketing and promotion of your service or product

  • Allows you to build a list of email subscribers

In order to make your course, you will follow these steps:

  • Enter your course title on the Udemy Teach page

  • Write out your course goals.

  • Upload a test video to make sure your video is high-quality.

  • Put your entire course together in the Curriculum section.

  • Fill in the information for your course landing page.

  • Choose your price.

  • Set up any automatic messages you want.

  • Submit your course for review by Udemy.

PRO TIP: There is even a Udemy course on how to create a Udemy course that you can find here!

If you are wondering how you make money from Udemy, the cost structure has three different points:

  • If your own reputation or advertisements attract your students, you earn 97% of all tuition paid for your courses.

  • If Udemy’s marketing attracts your students, then Udemy will keep 50% of the tuition paid for your courses.

  • If one of Udemy’s promotional affiliates attracts your students, then you earn 25% of the tuition paid for your courses. (In the case of affiliate marketing, the affiliate gets 50% of earnings and you split the remaining 50% with Udemy.)

Udemy for Business even offers courses that are focused on branding to enable you to get your own business off of the ground and cement your company name as a credible and recognizable business.

How Can Udemy for Business Help You?

Udemy for Business can be used in both personal businesses and organizational businesses to increase learning engagement and productivity. Statistically, there has been a consistent information gap within most workplaces for years. In fact, 40% of employees report that they don’t get enough guidance from their leadership and development teams, and 28% of management teams say that they are not clear what their employees need.”

This is where platforms like Udemy can help. Udemy for Business has conducted surveys to get proper insights on four important parts of all businesses:

  1. Pinpoints the top learning issues that are facing employees and management

  2. Learns what motivates employees to learn

  3. Identifies the four situations that drive employees to learn while they are at work

  4. Shows how to build leadership and development programs around optimal employee learning environments

Bringing Just-In-Time Learning to Your Fingertips

In recent years, technology has begun to advance at a more exponential rate, requiring professionals and businesses to adapt to learning new information and technologies on the job in a much more fast-paced way. The need for quick and adaptive training has resulted in the rise of “just-in-time” learning.

Just-in-time learning doesn’t have a specific definition yet; however, the term is used to describe the new educational approach that lets employees and businesspeople access training that they need quickly and easily. Udemy students can log into their courses on their mobile phones and complete the training they need. This training is especially great for workers who don’t have a long time to spend studying.

In order to benefit properly from Udemy’s just-in-time training courses, you need the following:

  • A cultivated culture of learning. It is important to make sure that you encourage learning and training as an integral part of your working environment.

  • The use of responsive technology. Make sure that your employees are able to access their courses on multiple devices – computers, tablets, and phones. You can even give access to a few tablets or computers at the workplace in order to make sure that your employees have access to the courses.

  • Short, yet highly-relevant content. Build your classes with courses that are totally relevant to what your employees need to learn, and make sure the courses are as short as possible. This makes sure that your workers learn what they need as quickly as possible.

  • Content focused on work-related competencies. Use courses that are compatible with how your workers learn the best. You can use employee surveys, group discussions, and observations to help you put together the best kind of class for your workers.

  • A system that categorizes and organizes courses effectively. The Udemy platform conveniently provides this for you.

  • The inclusion of the social aspect of learning. Bring in FAQs, discussion boards, live chats, and more to add a social aspect to the classes you create.

How to Implement the Use of Just-In-Time Learning with Udemy

There are many reasons that Udemy for Business is an amazing way to bring just-in-time learning to your workplace or personal life. Being exposed to new information with deliberate practice can help with knowledge retention. Learning new things and getting better at your job helps to create feelings of empowerment. Being able to use Udemy on so many platforms helps to save time and resources.

If you have opted to use Udemy for business for yourself or your business, you should begin implementing the following with the platform:

  • Start providing learning resources that are easy to access in short bursts while on the job. Udemy provides this with its short courses that are between 2 and 5 minutes long. Students also have the option to skip around and watch just the areas they need to focus on in a pinch.

  • Use marketing tactics to motivate people to use your courses. This is especially important for those of you who are using Udemy to sell your own courses. There are 4 stages to Udemy marketing campaigns – attraction, acquisition, retention, and referral. They focus on building interest and awareness, getting people to begin learning with your courses, encouraging a love for learning, and creating your own league of learning fans.

  • Listen to managers in order to scale your learning courses. Listening to managers can help you customize your courses to best fit the people learning from them, by giving advice on how to teach your topics, how long your courses should be, and more.

  • Redefine how you manage learning. Most of us are used to considering the completion of a course to be the end of the learning process. However, with Udemy, you can survey your workers or observe them on the job to see if they have learned what they needed to. If not, you can always have them go back and brush up on the course again.

Why You Need Udemy for Business

Udemy for Business can help your business in a variety of ways – from enhancing worker productivity to creating more engaged employees. Some of the ways that Udemy can help improve your workplace and your employees are:

  1. It improves worker productivity. With Udemy courses available at all times at your fingertips, it allows for you and your employees to look up solutions and training in real-time while on the job if needed. It helps to enhance accuracy, lets workers access up-to-date and comprehensive information, and allows for learning on the job.

  2. It helps to speed up the learning process. Instead of watching an hour long training video and waiting weeks to put their new training to the test, Udemy lets your workers access the information they need to learn as soon as an issue arises on the job. They not only get quick and accurate information, but they get the added benefit of applying their new knowledge right away.

  3. It gives easier access to knowledge. When you or your employees need to learn how to do something quickly, Udemy allows incredibly easy access to its wealth of courses that are both relevant and accurate.

  4. It creates more engaged employees. When employees feel like they are more in control of their work because they are able to learn as they need to and have been able to build confidence and eagerness with their new training, they become better employees that are always on top of their game.

  5. It maximizes knowledge retention. Because Udemy offers just-in-time learning, there is hardly ever a long gap between learning new information and putting that new information to use. This helps to make sure that your workers remember what they learn.

Udemy for Business: Results That Show Effectiveness

The International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a study about the benefits of Udemy for Business in order to help companies understand how the platform can help them. The results were astonishing – IDC reported thatUdemy for Business delivers 869% [return on investment] to organizations.

According to the study, a Udemy for Business customer stated, “The biggest benefit of Udemy for Business is being able to upskill in the shortest period of time. The most important thing is how quickly a staff can go from having no skills to legitimate skills.”

IDC estimates that any business that offers Udemy for Business to its employees can make up to $5,191 per worker trained (or up to $4.32 million per company) each year by enjoying the following benefits:

  • Increasing reach. Because Udemy is so cost-effective, organizations can offer more learning and relevant content to their employees.

  • Time-efficient content. The platform provides short videos that can be used in real-time learning.

  • Improving performance. Having a way for employees to learn and train quickly and effectively allows for improved workplace performance in all aspects.

  • Easy and thorough onboarding of new employees. When new employees are hired, Udemy for Business can help to train them faster and more effectively than long, drawn-out training videos.

  • Support for your business. The learning and training provided helps businesses grow, master core business metrics, and generate more revenue.

Udemy for Business is used by 80% of Fortune 100 companies for their employee upskilling. The platform is perfect for helping employers and employees improve their job-related skills, and some courses even help to generate credit toward technical certifications. Companies like Paypal, Tetrasoft, Lyft, Pinterest, Malwarebytes, and Ellation use Udemy for Business.

The Evolution of Udemy

Udemy was launched in 2010 by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani. In only a few months, the start-up learning platform had about 2,000 courses made by 1,000 instructors, and there were almost 10,000 registered students. As of October 2018, “Udemy had over 24 million registered users…with over 80,000 courses posted on the site, by 35,000 instructors.”

With the introduction of Udemy for Business, the learning platform shifted from the basic consumer education market to the market of employer training and upskilling. Udemy is just one of three major online education platforms that are changing the way businesses are training their employees. They offer tailored training for skills and individuals that focuses on various “talent ecosystems.”

In the Forbes article “Udemy and the Empire of Skills,” written by Michael Bernick, current Udemy CEO Kevin Johnson is interviewed about the new Udemy of Business and everything that it offers. Many questions are presented and answered within the article to help illustrate the advantages of the program.

Some of the questions discussed in the article are:

Q. What is “employer-driven training”?

A. Employer-driven training is training that is planned and executed by employers based on what their specific businesses need. One way that Udemy helps to cater to this kind of training is by offering courses that meet the demand of both employers and employees.

Q. Why is this new style of learning so beneficial for businesses?

A. Traditional methods of training, like long staff meetings and lengthy videos, are no longer effective and efficient ways of teaching employees in today’s fast-evolving technological world. Businesses must be able to adapt quickly, especially businesses that rely on computer and other IT-based systems to run properly. Udemy courses allow you to keep the staff you have properly trained.

Q. How are these new just-in-time training approaches helping employers?

A. The kind of training that Udemy offers allows employers to focus on keeping their current employees properly trained and at the top of their game, essentially lowering business costs that are associated with having to hire and train new employees. The active culture of learning within the workplace brings new ideas and innovation to the business.

Q. How do businesses know the best courses to use?

A. Udemy allows anyone to create a course to share their knowledge and skills; however, there are methods in place that allow users to rank the courses by the most credible and informative. The highest-rated courses will always be the first ones found when you search for the topic you’d like to learn about.

Q. Are there degrees and diplomas given with Udemy?

A. No. There is a certificate given at the end of each course to show completion, but Udemy focuses on mastering skills over completing courses. When it comes to employee performance, skill will always matter more than certifications and degrees.

How Much Does Udemy for Business Cost?

Udemy for Business offers two different plans that are made to cater to both small and larger companies.

Team Plan – This plan caters to companies with 5-20 users. It costs $240 per user and requires 5 users, so the least you will pay for this plan is $1200.

  • Requires an annual subscription

  • Gives full access to Udemy lecture collection

  • Allows you to select courses for your employees to take

  • Lets you track employee engagement to see how they are performing in the courses

Enterprise Plan – This plan is made for businesses with over 21 users. The pricing is determined according to the number of users that are enrolled in the plan.

  • Requires an annual subscription

  • Gives full access to Udemy lecture collection

  • Allows you to select courses for your employees to take

  • Allows employers to get in-depth reports of how their employees are performing in their courses

  • Provides special reports to employees that tell them how to gain a competitive edge

  • Assigns your company a Dedicated Customer Success Partner that will work with you to make sure you get the best from your Udemy services

Both plans offer a 14-day free trial that allows you to see if Udemy for Business is right for you.

If you are an individual looking to use Udemy for Business for personal business use, there is not a plan offered. However, you can purchase the specific courses you need as you like. The courses are priced according to what the instructor asks for, but there are many ways to get courses at a deal.

Udemy for Business constantly runs promotions that lower its course prices, and if you use the Udemy for Business mobile app on your phone, you can find different prices than the ones listed on the official website because of different price tier structures. You can always check the price of the course you want on both the app and the website to find the best deal!

In Conclusion…

Udemy for Business is a truly wonderful online learning platform that helps keep businesses and their employees up to date on everything from cybersecurity to team building. With thousands of courses specifically catered toward business growth, the platform is one of the most inclusive, relevant, and innovative learning tools available for companies and up-and-coming businesspeople alike.

As technology advances more quickly, so does the need for fast and more efficient learning. Udemy for Business offers everything you need to keep your company and its workers the happiest and most productive that they can be.