Udemy Gift Cards: Everything You Wanted To Know

Udemy gift cards: Everything you wanted to know

If you can give somebody that loves to learn the gift of knowledge, why should you wait? If you know somebody that loves to learn, then gifting them an Udemy course could create a new, enjoyable experience for that individual. That’s especially true if the person you are giving your Udemy course to has never tried Udemy before.

But, does Udemy have gift cards? No, Udemy does not have gift cards. However, while you cannot purchase a Udemy gift card, you can gift Udemy courses to other people through the platform. Udemy courses make excellent gifts for people that love to learn, and the receiver can even continue his or her education using discount codes for Udemy courses as well.

Since there isn’t a lot of information available on the Internet covering whether or not Udemy offers gift cards, we created this guide to help you out. We’ll describe the way the Udemy gift process words. After that, we’ll also cover some information about discounts and coupons on Udemy that you should inform your gift receiver if that person wants to continue his or her education. Then we will discuss the benefits of gifting an Udemy course.

Does Udemy Have Gift Cards?

While you cannot purchase gift cards on Udemy, you can gift Udemy courses to other people if you wish. If you know somebody that loves to learn or that has developed an interest in learning a new hobby, then an Udemy course might make an excellent present for that person. You can gift Udemy courses to just about anybody, including family, friends, and co-workers.

If you enjoy taking Udemy courses and you feel there’s a course that you’ve enrolled in that could be gifted to somebody else, then you can purchase a second copy of that class and then send it to the receiver. Gifting a course you’ve already taken to somebody you love offers them the opportunity to learn from somebody you feel is an excellent instructor.

However, you don’t only need to purchase courses that you’ve taken as gifts on Udemy. You can also purchase any class that you aren’t enrolled in as a gift for somebody else. To do this, simply use the gift feature on that particular course’s page. If you still aren’t sure how to do that, don’t worry. We’ll cover this information in more detail a little later.

Below we’ll cover the process of sending Udemy courses as gifts to friends and family. We’ll also tell you how you can redeem an Udemy gifted course if you’ve been sent one so that you can get started on your new Udemy course.

Gifting a Course You are Taking

If you want to gift a course you are currently taking, the process is relatively simple. When buying a second copy of a class that you are already taking as a gift, you’ll just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the course player area and then tap on the ellipses found near the top right area of the site.

  2. Once you do that, you should see a dropdown menu. Go to “Gift This Course.”

  3. Next, type in the gift receiver’s name, email, and the date you want to send their gift to them. If you wish, you can also add a personal message, like “Happy Birthday, Carl!”

  4. Now tap on “proceed to check out.” You can use coupon codes on your discount as well when you check out. So, don’t forget to enter your code before you check out if you have one.

What happens if the receiver of your gift doesn’t have a Udemy account? If they don’t, you’ll simply need to ask them to make one before they can use your donation.

Now that you know how to gift a course you are already taking to a different Udemy user, we will discuss how you can gift a class from the course’s landing page.

Gifting a Course from the Course Landing Page

So, how do you gift a course that you aren’t enrolled in yet? The answer is quite simple; you’ll simply go to the Course Landing Page. If you aren’t sure how to do this, don’t worry. We’ve provided the steps for you below.

  1. Go to the “Course Landing Page” area of the Udemy class you want to gift to a friend or loved one.

  2. Go to the right area near the course’s title. Above “Preview this course,” you should see “Gift this course.” Click on “Gift this course.”

  3. After that, Udemy will prompt you to type in your receiver’s name, email, and the date you want Udemy to send them the gift. You’ll also be able to enter a personalized message if you wish.

  4. Once that is done, tap on “Proceed to Check out.” If you have a Udemy coupon code, you can use it when you gift a course. Click on “Redeem a coupon” at the top of the page and then enter the coupon and check out.

Now that you know how to gift both Udemy courses you are taken as well as those you aren’t enrolled in, we’ll discuss how you can redeem a Udemy gift course if you are the person receiving the gift.

Redeeming Your Udemy Gift Course

If you’re the lucky receiver of a gifted Udemy course from a friend or family member, you can enroll in the course comfortably. Follow these steps:

  1. You’ll get an email notification telling you that somebody has given you an Udemy gift. On that email, click on “Unwrap your gift.”

  2. After you’ve done that, click on “Activate your gift.”

  3. Once you’ve completed those two steps, you’ll be enrolled in your course.

Another way you can redeem your gift is by going to Udemy’s redeem a gift link here. Once you’ve gone to that link, all you need to do to redeem your gift is type in the code that was given to you in your gif Email. The code should have the word “GIFT” somewhere in it.

Then, once you’ve entered your gift code, select “Unwrap your gift.” Remember, if you don’t have an Udemy account when you receive your gift, you’ll need to sign-up for one if you want to use your code.

Another way you can make your Udemy experience a bit less expensive is by using coupon codes, which we’ll cover below in more detail.

Udemy’s Coupon Codes Make Gifts Affordable

When we reviewed how to gift Udemy courses and how to redeem those gifts, we used the word “coupon code” a few times. If you aren’t sure what we are talking about or you don’t know how to use coupon codes, don’t worry. We’ll cover how you can use Udemy’s coupon codes to help make purchasing your gifts more affordable.

Redeeming an Udemy coupon code is very similar to using a gift on Udemy. However, keep in mind that with Udemy, you cannot use coupon codes or gift codes through the mobile app. So, if you have a coupon code or a gift code, you’ll have to go to Udemy.com on your computer to use them.

To redeem your coupon code on Udemy, follow the below steps:

  1. Locate the Udemy class you plan on purchasing or gifting.

  2. Next, select the “Apply coupon” area, which is found on the right of the course landing page.

  3. Now, type in the coupon code and select “Apply.”

  4. Once you hit “Apply,” you should see a new, updated price with a discount.

  5. Now, select “Buy now” and purchase the course.

Coupon codes can be used when gifting courses to other people, too, which we covered already above. However, keep in mind that not all Udemy courses will take coupon codes. That’s because not all Udemy instructors opted into Udemy promotions. So, you won’t be able to receive discounts on all of your courses through Udemy because it is left up to the course instructor.

“Sorry, this Course is Not Included in this Promotion.”

If you see the above message when you are trying to enter the coupon code and gift your Udemy course, there is a reason for it. Udemy courses are all developed and taught by the instructors, and Udemy leaves the decision about offering promotions and sales for their classes up to the teachers.

When this notice comes up, Udemy is telling you that you cannot use that coupon code for that course. However, more often than not, you won’t experience this issue when you are trying to gift your Udemy courses to friends and family. That’s because most of Udemy’s teachers opt to enroll in all of Udemy’s promotions.

So, even if you cannot redeem a coupon code for the course you wanted to gift, it’s likely you’ll be able to gift a different, similar class.

Coupon Codes Don’t Last Forever

Another thing to remember about using Udemy’s coupon codes when gifting Udemy courses to others is that an Udemy coupon code is only suitable for a certain amount of time. Depending on the promotion that Udemy is offering, the length of the advertisements can differ, so there is no specific hard and fast rule to how long an Udemy coupon code will last. Some last for days, while others last for weeks.

If you don’t know what the expiration date is for a coupon code that an instructor gave to you, that’s not a problem. You can send a message to that instructor and ask when the coupon code expires. That way, you’ll be able to use your coupon code before the time is up and send your gift to a friend or family member at a discount.

Are Udemy Coupon Codes and Instructor’s Coupons Different?

The instructors on Udemy develop and teach their courses. So, Udemy has allowed them to create their coupon codes for different classes as they see fit. If you wind up getting a coupon code from an instructor and you want to use it to send an Udemy course as a gift to a friend, you’d redeem the coupon at Udemy.com using the steps we provided for you already above.

Many Udemy instructors will offer coupons and discounts when they want to promote their courses. However, sometimes if you’ve developed a good relationship with an instructor and you want to gift that person’s class to another, you can simply ask the instructor for a coupon code. In most cases, they’ll give you one if they already know you, and you are helping them get more learners.

Coupon Codes and Udemy’s Mobile App

Udemy’s mobile app allows you to use the payment system on Google Play if you have an Android phone, and the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone. Because of the Android and iPhone issues, you cannot redeem a Udemy coupon when you are on the mobile platform. So, unfortunately, you should never try to gift a course and use a coupon code on the mobile app. You’ll need to stick with your traditional computer instead.

Now that you understand how you can use coupon codes to help discount your Udemy course gifts to friends and family, we’ll cover the benefits of gifting an Udemy course.

Benefits of Gifting an Udemy Course

So, what are some of the benefits of gifting an Udemy course? Not surprisingly, there are several. We’ll cover the advantages of giving an Udemy course as a gift to a friend or family member below.

#1 Udemy Offers Affordable Knowledge

The price of most of Udemy’s courses cost around ten bucks. You’ll get far more information from a suitable ten-dollar Udemy course than you could purchase a textbook with the same material in it. Also, that same textbook would probably cost you a lot more than ten dollars. So, if you know somebody that wants to learn something new or that simply loves to learn, Udemy allows you to gift affordable knowledge. Even better, you can use coupon codes to make those gifts cheaper.

#2 An Udemy Course Gift Lasts a Lifetime

Another great thing about Udemy is that gifting an Udemy course is a gift that will last a lifetime. When you purchase or gift an Udemy course, you’ll be getting, or your receiver will be getting lifetime access to that particular course. So, they’ll be able to get access to their course at any time for as long as they live.

#3 An Udemy Course Gift Allows for Easy Learning

Another tremendous thing about using Udemy is that it’s effortless to use. If you gift an Udemy course, your receiver can access that Udemy course whenever they want. Also, since Udemy courses are developed in short modules, they’ll be able to consume some information while they find time throughout their days.

#4 An Udemy Course Gift Gives Your Receiver Access to an Instructor

Another great thing about gifting an Udemy course is that you’ll also be gifting your receiver some instructor engagement. So, if your receiver loves to learn but needs some guidance or has questions about what he or she is learning, your gift receiver will be able to simply reach out to his or her instructor to ask questions.

#5 Most Udemy Course Gifts Have Ratings and Reviews

Another benefit of purchasing an Udemy Course as a gift for another is the fact that there are thousands of ratings on Udemy covering the courses the platform offers. Udemy also makes sure the best courses can be found near the top of the list. So, you’ll be able to do your research and find the right class with an excellent instructor that is well worth gifting to a loved one.

#6 Udemy Course Gifts Provide Lifelong Learning

Since Udemy courses are regularly updated, you’ll be gifting some lifelong learning access to your receivers. Instructors at Udemy are encouraged continuously to update their courses to make sure what they are offering is the latest information. That way, if you are gifting any technology classes, you know you’ll gift the most updated information. Not only that, but the instructor will continue to maintain that course whenever your receiver needs to review the new material.

#7 An Udemy Course Gift Gives You Variety

With Udemy, you’ll have so much variety in the different types of courses you can gift to your receiver, and you are bound to find something that particular person loves. On Udemy, there is so much information; you can gift a course on just about any topic you’d like. So, if you know your receiver is learning a new hobby, you may want to select an Udemy course along those lines and gift it to your receiver.

#8 An Udemy Course Gift Offers a Certificate of Completion

Although most of the course offerings on Udemy are not accredited, your gift receiver will still be able to get a certificate of completion when he or she completes the course. That way, your receiver has proof of his or her new knowledge. Some job opportunities do allow you to show Udemy certificates as a pathway to learning, too.

Final Thoughts

If you want to give your friend or loved one a unique gift, why not gift an Udemy course? Udemy not only makes it easy to send classes as gifts to loved ones, but it also allows you to use coupon codes when promotions are available, making the price of the gift cheaper. So, if your receiver loves learning new things or is trying to pick up a new hobby, why not send him or her an Udemy course? Click here to browse Udemy's course library now!