What to Do If the Udemy App Keeps Crashing

What to Do If the Udemy App Keeps Crashing

Online courses are popular because they offer an easy to access education platform that is often affordable and easier to commit to than a live classroom. We’re a busy culture. Considering the lack of free time, we have in a day, logging onto an app as Udemy gives us the freedom to pick it up when whenever we can. As long as it’s working properly!

What to do if the Udemy app keeps crashing. Can we fix it? Sure, we can. Probably. When the Udemy app crashes follow this troubleshooting checklist:

  1. Check the strength of internet connection

  2. Try a different browser

  3. Switch from mobile app to laptop/PC

  4. Check the app: reboot, update, redownload

  5. Work offline

  6. Report issues

But what if the app keeps crashing? One downfall to online learning is that technical difficulty can make it more of a challenge than it is worth. Don’t waste your time getting frustrated; let’s take a closer look at how you can fix the problem.

Troubleshooting the Udemy App

A crashing app is definitely seen as trouble. Double trouble if you are in the middle of a course, and are at risk of losing your work, your thoughts, or your patience. On-demand videos are no good to you if they are not responding to your demand and commands.

Udemy has been providing online courses for personal development and continued education for over a decade. They have grown and improved tremendously. But as with any other website, there are glitches every now and then.

Take a deep breath, and run through this short, yet highly effective troubleshooting checklist. We’ll start with the sometimes-obvious internet connection.

1. Check Your Connections

Udemy requires a certain internet speed in order to run smoothly. A weak connection can cause your videos to be glitchy or cause constant buffering in addition to aggravating site crashes. Compare this list with what you have available:

  • Broadband with speeds of (at least) 5Mbit/800kbps

  • 4GB (or more)

  • IOS 11/ Android 5 (or newer)

Problems may be starting at the router or modem that provides your internet connection.

  • Check the power switch, and all of the cables/plugs to check for loose connections.

  • Turn off the device or unplug it for 1-3 minutes to reset.

  • Restore its power and see if you’ve solved the riddle.

Adjusting the streaming quality can give you relief from slow-loading videos and site crashes. A lower resolution will, of course, be lower quality, but you will be able to watch the entire video without interruption.

Still stuck in crashland? Here’s another thing to try:

  • Exit out of Udemy by closing the program.

  • Open it back up.

If this doesn’t work, delete the Udemy app from your device and redownload it. This may seem like an extreme step to take, but it has a high chance of working out your issue.

Don’t worry! All of your work and progress will still be there when you open the app after deleting and redownloading. So, there’s no need to worry about losing your place.

2. Try a Different Browser

Udemy recommends using Google Chrome for viewing courses. If you’re using another browser, this is one of the first things you should try. It’s a quick and easy fix.

3. Switch From Mobile App to PC

If the problems you are running into are happening while you are using the Udemy app on your mobile phone, perhaps there is more to it than an ordinary site crashing. Maybe you should try signing on from your laptop or PC.

Using your mobile phone as a portable tap into the Udemy app can be super handy. You can learn on the go, as long as you have battery and wi-fi. But users have agreed that they get better results when logging on from a PC or laptop.

The strength of your connection is often better, and service smoother from a computer vs. phone app. Plus the screen and sound are bigger and better with a full-sized device. If you prefer to use your mobile device or do not have access to a PC, do your best to stay in an area with a strong internet connection.

4. Troubleshoot the App

Have you been putting off that Udemy app update? Take a few minutes and install the updated version of the app. This could solve your problems instantly. Perhaps it is time to stop delaying.

Reboot your data. You can also try turning off your mobile data connection for 30 seconds and then turning it back on. This can give you a surge of service, and also help prevent further crashes, allowing you to finish your video.

Power down. Can’t figure out how to turn off your data? Power off the entire device, and restart.

5. Viewing/Working Offline During a Udemy Crash

One way to get around the crashing site is to view your Udemy videos offline. Google Chrome is Udemy’s recommended route for offline viewing.

If you decide that offline viewing is your best fit for you, the internet connection will be needed during course/video download, but after that, you can stray as far away from civilization/internet connection as you wish.

Perhaps the peace and quiet will give your studying the boost it needs! The human brain tends to be able to focus better with fewer distractions. Most of us can be distracted by numerous little things.

Downfalls to working offline. You must have sufficient memory space on your device for downloading the course/video. And, you will not be able to correspond with Udemy until you regain your internet connection.

6. Reporting Issues

Frequent Udemy users have reported that every so often, they will come across a course that has problems with the quality of the videos themselves. Somewhere in the process of creating the video or uploading, it can cause users to encounter difficulties.

How can you tell if you have a faulty video on your hands? When your course is going crazy, try to access another video through Udemy. This will show you if you are having issues with an individual video, or if the entire app is acting up.

Contact Udemy customer service by sending them an email or calling them on their toll-free phone number. Have your account information handy so that the representative can easily reference your history and account details.

Explain whether you are experiencing site crashes or issues with a specific course. If the latter is the case, you may be issued a refund or account credit. Should they investigate the matter, and not be able to fix it, you will have to choose a different course. Hopefully, you can find one that is equal or at least close.

You can also find further help on Udemy’s website. They provide a troubleshooting link and a frequently asked Q and A section, which might help you.

If the Problem Isn’t Udemy

If none of these troubleshooting methods work and Udemy reports no issue with the course or the site, the issue may be something on your end. Particularly if you are using an outdated device.

Do you have issues playing back other videos on your computer? You may need to update or reinstall the video drivers. Or it may be something minor like something saved in your cache or browser data that is causing issues with your playback.

To know for sure, try accessing your courses from another device. If you’re able to view your courses, voila! Time for a computer repair or equipment update.


Most issues related to Udemy crashes are easily solved right from your own home. And Udemy customer service can generally walk you through anything related to issues on their side.