What To Do If Your Udemy Account Was Hacked

What To Do If Your Udemy Account Was Hacked

After learning recently about my Udemy account getting hacked, I was upset and nervous about the intrusion. However, I was able to take precautions to fix it. This article is all about what I learned.

What do I do if my Udemy account was hacked? If your Udemy account was hacked, you need to follow precautions like resetting your password. In the event you are unable to reset your password, you must reach out to Udemy’s support team. You can take other precautions to avoid this in the future, too.

Usually, resetting your password can fix your compromised Udemy account (those steps are below). There are also ways to prevent this from happening altogether or in the future as well. All of these details are covered in this article.

How Do I Know If My Udemy Account Was Hacked?

Sometimes it’s not completely obvious that your Udemy account was hacked. However, if any of the following happen to you, it’s a good idea to follow the password reset process as well as look into other security precautions outlined in this article.

  • If you receive Udemy receipts from courses you didn’t purchase, this is an immediate red flag. You should try to log on immediately. If you are unable to do so, follow the instructions to reset your password in the next section about resetting your password.

  • If you have trouble logging in and know for a fact that you are using the correct password, you should reset it with the “forgot password” button available on the login screen. There will be much more on that later.

  • If you believe someone besides yourself has watched your courses, there is a possibility your Udemy account was hacked. However, think first if anyone has used your computer/device and if they may have watched courses.

Also, consider the possibility that you left your account open on a public computer. If the latter is possible, reset your password using the directions in the next section.

These are events that might let you know your Udemy account was hacked. If any of these are possible, it’s recommended you reset your password right away. Read on to find out how.

How Do I Reset My Password?

If your Udemy account gets hacked, the first step to fix it is to reset your password. This usually does the trick to prevent your account from being compromised further, but if you are unable to do so, there are details about that below as well.

Steps To Reset Your Password

Resetting your Udemy password is a quick and simple process. It is your best option for regaining control over your account.

Follow these steps to reset your password on Udemy:

  1. On the Udemy login screen, click “Forgot password.” A pop-up window will appear.

  2. In the window, you can enter your email in the field provided.

  3. Click the box that says, “I’m not a robot.” This security is there to protect your account.

  4. Pick the images that match the object or prompt they give you.

  5. Click the “Verify” button. This will allow you access.

  6. Click “Reset password.”

This will send you an email to the inbox associated with your Udemy account. In that email inbox, you follow the reset link to create a new password.

If you are worried about making a quality password, there are tips later in this article that will help.

Resetting your password often solves the problem with your hacked account. In the event that you are unable to reset your password, follow the next set of instructions to remedy the problem.

If You Are Unable To Reset Your Password

On occasion, you won’t be able to reset the password to your Udemy account because you can’t find the email to reset it. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do.

Double check to be sure your password reset email didn’t get filed into your spam folder. This happens sometimes if Udemy isn’t listed as an accepted sender. Hopefully, you will locate the email there and be able to use the reset link to create a memorable yet unique password.

Still having trouble? Sometimes this is due to a full inbox—it can be overwhelming at times! To be sure you aren’t overlooking the reset password email, try using the search feature. Search for “Udemy” in all fields. This will show you any emails you have from Udemy, its classes, and instructors.

Note: In the event that you don’t have any emails from Udemy, you may have entered your email incorrectly when signing up and/or trying to reset your password. Double check your email any time you sign up for an account or try to reset a password. Try requesting the link from Udemy again, being careful to type everything correctly.

If you have past emails from Udemy, they will show up when using the search feature. This is a good thing because it means you didn’t enter your email address incorrectly during sign-up.

Contacting Udemy Support

In the event that the password reset email still hasn't arrived in about ten minutes, contact Udemy support via email. Time is of the essence here to avoid any other issues.

Include the following in your email to the customer support team:

  • Your first and last name will allow them to help find your account and make sure details match before they help you.

  • The email address associated with Udemy account will help them find your account as well. As usual, double check to be sure you typed it correctly.

  • Indicate you had trouble resetting your password. This will help them know how to proceed with your request.

  • Details about how your account was hacked will help them correct the situation as quickly as possible. For example, you might notice fraudulent charges on a saved payment method for courses you didn’t purchase. Send the receipts Udemy emailed you for these (such as in a screenshot).

Keep in mind if you see fraudulent charges on your payment method, you should also contact the card company to cancel it and request a new one. This will ensure there will not be any future charges from the hacker.

The support team is usually quick to respond, and with their help, hopefully, the issue will be solved without further incident. Keep an eye on your email inbox to help expedite this process.

What Will Udemy Customer Support Do To Help?

There are ways to help you recover your account, and Udemy customer support will be able to help with that. A few possible solutions are outlined below.

If your account is taken over entirely, it’s likely support will suspend the account and ask you to create a new one. You will be able to use the same email if you like, though you should use a new much stronger password. While this might be seen as a hassle to recreate your account, it is the fastest way to get back to learning on Udemy.

But what about your library of courses? Not having access to your purchased courses could be frustrating and a huge cost to you. Luckily, there is no need to worry—customer support will be able to restore them to your new account, allowing you to have as little downtime as possible.

In the event that there were fraudulent charges on your payment method on Udemy, remember to cancel your card and request a new one. They will help you avoid more charges. You will also be refunded by Udemy’s support team for any charges you didn’t authorize.

These fixes, though troublesome, can be quick and easy, and this will allow you to get back to learning on the Udemy platform in no time.

What Other Ways Can I Keep My Account Secure?

Just because you change your Udemy password doesn’t always mean you are doing everything to ensure the safety of your account. There are more ways to keep your account secure as outlined below.

Have A Good Password

Create a good—and unique—password. This sounds easy, but this is often overlooked. Use the following tips to make a good password.

  • Make sure your password is easy to remember. This will be particularly handy if you don’t log into Udemy for a while. Be sure to make this hard for someone else to guess.

  • You should also choose numbers that are more difficult for someone to guess. For example, don’t use your birthdate, year you were born, or the number of your house.

  • Create unique passwords for every account you have. This is important because in the event a hacker gets into your Udemy account, you only have to change one password instead of one password to say eight different accounts. You can also avoid damage to your other accounts, which is a big relief.

Note: change your password regularly to ensure maximum security. Experts recommend doing this each quarter or season. Make a new password each time, and don’t recycle old ones. This will help keep your account safe.

Changing Your Udemy Password

Once you’ve made a unique password, you’ll need to change it on the Udemy website. Here are the four steps to changing your password to something memorable yet unique:

  1. Once logged in on the Udemy platform, click on your profile image in the upper right hand corner of the page. This has profile details and other options.

  2. On the left hand side, select “account” in the list of blue links. Details about your account will appear—including the ability to change your password.

  3. You can change your password in this section. You also need to enter your current password to ensure security.

  4. After you fill in the fields, save your new password. Remember to make it memorable and unique!

Unique passwords make good passwords. Make sure to follow these tips to avoid future problems with your Udemy accounts (and other accounts). Remember to change your password periodically—preferably four times each year.

Follow These Extra Tips to Protect Your Account

The best way to protect your Udemy account is to use a good password, but there are more ways to stay safe as well. These numerous methods are often overlooked, but they can minimize the damage to your Udemy profile as well as your bank account! Make sure you implement these precautions.

  • It’s best if you can avoid using Udemy on a public computer. In the event you can’t avoid this situation, make sure you log out after your learning session. Make sure you close the window to the browser as well. Always click on the “File” menu at the top left corner and opt to close the window that way.

  • Never write down passwords. This makes all of your information susceptible to hacking if someone gets a hold of the list.

  • Also avoid storing passwords on your computer. This makes it easy to get into your accounts if you’re in a hurry, but if your computer or other device is stolen, that means hackers have anything and everything the need to launch your entire life into havoc.

  • If you use Udemy regularly, it might sound appealing to save your payment method on your account. However, this is the same principle as saving passwords. Though the hacker can’t see all of the details about your card, they can still buy classes at your expense. Avoid this by entering your payment information for each class you take; don’t save your payment information.

  • Also, keep an eye on your account when you use it. For example, if your courses look like someone watched them (and you can confirm you or someone in your home or office didn’t watch them), your account may have been compromised. Play it safe and reset your password.

  • Last but not least, monitor your email. Make sure you receive Udemy emails, and they don’t end up in your spam folder. This way, you know as soon as someone has access to your Udemy account.

These quick tips are easy to follow. It might be a pain to remember passwords or put in your payment details for each purchase you make on Udemy, but it is worth it to avoid potential trouble later on. It will keep trouble at bay and save you from headaches.

How Can I Make Sure Udemy Doesn’t Save My Payment Information?

Do you want to enter your payment information each time to avoid getting fraudulent charges? Follow this quick guide:

  1. On your Udemy homepage, click on your profile photo. A drop-down menu will appear.

  2. On the drop-down menu, click the “Account” option. On the resulting page, there will be a variety of options to choose from.

  3. Click on the “Credit Cards” option. Details about your payment method will appear here.

  4. Make sure the box on the page is NOT checked. This will keep Udemy from saving your payment information for later purchases.

Saving your payment details is convenient, but in the event your account is hacked, it can result in fraudulent charges for potentially expensive classes. Do yourself a favor and follow these steps!

Why Did My Udemy Account Get Hacked?

When Udemy accounts are hacked, it’s likely the hacker is after a way to learn skills for free. Hackers who do this might do this alone or with others to “share” the account with others—at least until they are caught and the account is shut down.

Keep in mind “sharing” a Udemy account goes against Udemy’s rules and policies. This can get you removed from the site altogether. Fortunately, creating a Udemy account is free for everyone. There are some free courses as well! Discounts and sales are common on Udemy, so there’s no need to “share” content or accounts.

In other hacking cases like this one in the Udemy community web page, an instructor was the victim. Unfortunately, this was a particularly damaging situation for the instructor because the way he got paid was changed as well. If the instructor didn’t catch this right away, things could have ended up a lot worse!

Udemy accounts sometimes get hacked by others looking to learn useful skills and programs without having to pay. Sometimes they even steal from you by charging your card for classes or taking your hard-earned paycheck!

Is Udemy Safe To Use?

Some readers might be left wondering if Udemy is safe to use. With many incidents reported online, it can be a scary reality that you can be hacked.

However, you should also consider this: hackers get into various accounts on a variety of platforms more often than you might think. If it hasn’t happened to you, it might have happened to someone you know or talk to.

Ultimately, the security of your account should be at the front of your mind when creating any account—Udemy included.

If you follow the slew of tips and tricks above, including entering your payment details each time, not saving passwords on your computer, and many more, yes; Udemy is safe to use.

You can avoid troublesome hackers by creating a strong, memorable, and unique password that you change regularly. You can also avoid any incidents by using the other suggestions like monitoring your email and Udemy accounts. Be sure to stay safe online!