What to Do If Your Udemy Courses Disappear!

What to Do If Your Udemy Courses Disappear!

When your Udemy courses seem to disappear, this can throw a major wrench in your online education. Udemy courses typically run between $20 and $200, so it can be a little panic-inducing when you sign in and see the course that you paid for isn't there.

What do you do if your Udemy courses disappear? Troubleshoot these following issues with Udemy and see if you can find your disappeared courses:

  • Make sure your Udemy course hasn't been archived.

  • Make sure you received an enrollment confirmation email.

  • Make sure you are not using multiple email accounts with Udemy.

  • Make sure your payment status has been processed correctly if you purchased through the mobile app.

  • If all else fails, contact Udemy support and make sure you have all of your support documentation so that they can help you find and reinstate your course.

It's easy to start panicking when you purchase something expensive digitally, and it disappears, but if the money has come out of your account, you're entitled to the class, and you should be able to get access to it. Read on to figure out what may have gone wrong, and how to fix it.

Make Sure You Have Your Udemy Documentation Ready

Just in case you end up having to contact Udemy support services, you should gather a few things before you start trying to troubleshoot your missing course.

These materials will help Udemy support staff find your class and your proof of purchase:

  • Email address you used on the account

  • Password

  • Enrollment confirmation email (if you received one)

  • PayPal payment receipt (if you paid through PayPal)

  • The last four digits of your credit card and the full name on the credit card you used (if you paid via credit card)

If your Udemy course has disappeared due to a simple issue, such as being archived, you may not need to have these materials handy, but it helps to have all of this information immediately available so you can work with Udemy staff to fix your course as soon as possible.

The first thing you look for when you've signed up for a Udemy course and can't find it is your enrollment confirmation email. If you look for your enrollment confirmation email and can't find it, then that can be an indicator of several other things that may have gone wrong.

After you've gathered together your support documentation, the next thing you should do is check your email address associated with Udemy. If you check the email address associated with your purchased Udemy course and can't find it, there could be several explanations why.

Check for Your Enrollment Confirmation Email

When you sign up for an Udemy course, you should receive a couple of different pieces of confirmation documentation. The first one is an enrollment confirmation email. This email shows which course you've bought and confirms your purchase.

If you check your email address associated with Udemy and can't find your course, it could be an indicator of a few different issues that happened during your purchase:

  • You could be signed up with Udemy through multiple email addresses, and the confirmation is not going to the same email address you thought it was. If you have multiple working email addresses, check them all to make sure it isn't in a different one.

  • You could have accidentally misspelled your email address during the process of purchasing the course, and the enrollment email was sent to a different working email address than your own.

  • If you do not have an email confirmation, something may have interrupted your purchase process such as a poor Internet connection or another issue. Check your bank statement to see if you were ever charged for your Udemy course.

  • When checking your email addresses, be sure to check your junk or spam folders to make sure the confirmation email wasn't accidentally tossed by the email system. These are automated emails, and some systems may be sensitive to them and flag them as spam.

To avoid this problem in the future, you should probably whitelist Udemy emails in your email accounts and mark them as safe/important so that the system doesn't try to throw them away.

If you can't find an email confirmation, but you know you've been charged for the course, you can contact Udemy support with your full name and the course you purchased, and they should be able to correct the issue. It's likely you misspelled your email address when signing up.

If you check your bank statement and you don't see where you were ever charged for the Udemy course you signed up for, there's a chance that a connectivity issue may have interrupted your purchase, and you will have to purchase your Udemy course again.

Check to Make Sure Your Course Wasn't Archived

One simple fix for a missing Udemy course is that it may have been archived by the Udemy system, and this will make it "disappear" from your current courses. This makes it look like the course has disappeared, but actually, it just isn't showing up on your dashboard.

To unarchive a course on Udemy, take the following steps (make sure you have your email address and password handy):

  • Log into your account.

  • Go to My Courses on the user interface.

  • Select Archive from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the ellipsis (...) and unarchive the course.

If your course has been accidentally archived by Udemy, this should fully restore it. However, if you follow this method and don't see your course in the archive, it's likely you have some unrelated problem going on.

Multiple Email Accounts

One common issue with missing Udemy courses is that people accidentally sign up for courses using multiple email accounts. Most people these days have more than one email account that they use, and if you use the wrong one, you'll never see your enrollment confirmation.

Also, if you signed up on the wrong email account and you sign into Udemy on your normal email account that you usually use with the website, your course purchased on the other email address won't show up.

If you discover that you have signed up for Udemy on multiple accounts, you can merge your accounts together to avoid further confusion by opening a support ticket with Udemy. This will allow you to keep all of your courses and purchase history in one place.

However, be forewarned that if you do choose to merge your accounts to rectify multiple email accounts, you will lose your private messages and bookmarks, so be sure to save or screenshot any important information before initializing the merge.

Note: Udemy Business accounts and marketplace accounts cannot be merged. Speak to Udemy support staff at support@udemy.com for more information regarding this.

Incorrect Email Used at Signup

Typos are a fact of life, and it is easy enough to accidentally drop a letter or misspell your own name when hurriedly signing up for an online course.

If your typo happens to correspond with an actual working email out in the real world, however, your enrollment confirmation will get sent to the wrong person, who will (in all likelihood) simply toss the confirmation as spam, since they won't recognize where it came from.

The way to tell if you might have misspelled your email address at sign-up is to check your bank statement and see if you were charged for the purchase. If you were, that means your payment information (which only you should have) was entered correctly, but your email likely wasn't.

If you think your email was input incorrectly at sign-up, you'll need to contact Udemy at support@udemy.com with the following:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • The name of the course you signed up for

  • Last four digits of your credit card number or your PayPal receipt

By using this information, Udemy can confirm your purchase and correct your email address in the system. Going forward, you should receive all important course material and enrollment information to the correct address.

Charge for Udemy Course Not Showing Up

Sometimes the case will occur where you believe you've bought a Udemy course, but you can't find your enrollment confirmation email, the course isn't showing up, and when you check your bank statement, you can't find a charge for the purchase.

Due to Internet connectivity issues, your transaction may have been disrupted mid-process, which means the Udemy course was never charged to you. If you've checked your bank statement carefully and verified that you have not been charged, this is likely the case.

If this is your issue, the way to solve the problem is to simply find the Udemy course on the website and purchase it again. You won't be charged twice because you were never charged the first time, and if you follow the payment process again, you should receive your confirmation.

Missing Mobile Udemy Course Purchases

Purchasing your Udemy course through a mobile app on your phone can come with its own set of minor glitches and issues that you may need to overcome to access your classes.

If you purchased your Udemy course through the Google Store or Apple Play, then you should have received a purchase receipt from one of those two sources. If you don't have a purchase receipt, check your bank statement and see if you were charged.

Purchase Pending

You weren't charged, and your purchase app is not showing a Purchase Pending notification; in this case, then it's likely that a wireless network interruption stopped your transaction and it never completed. In this case, as in the above section, you need to re-purchase the course.

If you purchased your Udemy course through the iOS app, check the status of the transaction. If the status is "Pending" that means the course has not been delivered to your Udemy account yet because Apple's payment processing system is still processing the transaction.

When an Apple purchase shows as "Pending," it can take between 24-48 hours for the payment to process and your course to hit your account. If the "Pending" indicator goes away, but you still haven't received your Udemy course, screenshot your Apple Store receipt.

Things to Have Handy Dealing with Udemy Support

If your Udemy course disappeared after a mobile purchase and you were charged for it, you need to have some materials ready for the Udemy support staff so that they can easily and successfully restore your Udemy coursework. Gather the following documentation:

  • A copy of the full receipt. This will ensure that when the support staff reinstates your course, they don't accidentally sign you up for the wrong one.

  • A screenshot of the error you received. This can help Udemy support staff fix the problem so it doesn't happen to somebody else.

  • Your Udemy account information. Note: This is not the email address you used to sign up for Apple Store or Google Play Store. This is the email address you used to sign up for Udemy itself.

Udemy Courses Shouldn't Disappear

If your Udemy course disappears, it is definitely a technical issue and not a function of the website itself. Udemy courses do not expire, and you can continue to access them even after you've completed the course.

This allows you to:

  • Review the material at any level

  • Take the course over from scratch at a later date

  • Access the course at any time as long as the license hasn't expired and your account is in good standing

So if your Udemy course ever disappears, don't just assume that you hit a time limit or the course expired. They should always be available to you. Be sure to investigate so you don't lose the money you invested in your online education.

What to Do if Your Mobile Udemy Class Is Not Missing, But It's Not Working Either

One issue that people have run into with the mobile Udemy app is that they have access to the courses, but the courses simply aren't working (showing a blank loading screen) or refusing to finish downloading a video course. Here are some steps you can take to try and resolve this.

For loading problems, try troubleshooting the following issues:

  • Force-stop the Udemy app and restart it.

  • Reboot your phone or mobile device and your modem or router if you're trying to use a Wifi connection.

  • Turn your wireless off, wait a full ten seconds, and then turn it back on again so it can reconnect to the signal.

  • Try using an alternative Internet connection.

  • Reduce your video streaming quality and attempt to play the video in a lower resolution.

  • Try downloading the course to view it offline instead of streaming it.

If all else fails, delete the Udemy app from your homescreen and reinstall it from the App Store. If you have saved content for offline viewing, this content will be removed after the app is reinstalled and will need to be downloaded again to be viewed.

If you are having difficulty downloading a Udemy course completely, try troubleshooting the following issues:

  • Force-stop the Udemy app and reboot it.

  • Reboot the device and your modem or router.

  • Try using a more stable Internet connection.

  • Check whether Download via Wifi Only in the Settings tab on the Android app or the Account tab on an iOS device has been selected.

  • Try playing the video in a lower resolution.

  • Cancel all in-progress downloads and restart the app to reinitialize downloads.

  • If the course has several long videos, try downloading each section individually rather than downloading them all at once, which can bog down the system.

  • Keep the Udemy app open to allow the course to download more quickly.

  • If all else fails, delete the Udemy app from your homescreen and reinstall it from the App Store. If you have saved content for offline viewing, this content will be removed after the app is reinstalled and will need to be downloaded again to be viewed.

Online courses can be a fantastic resource for autodidacts and other self-driven learners, but technical difficulties can throw a major barrier up when attempting to use digital coursework. This can be especially frustrating for people who are book-smart, but not necessarily tech-smart.

Luckily, Udemy has been around for years and is the world's leading marketplace for learning, allowing the most motivated students around the globe to be directly connected with 50,000 of the world's best teachers offering coursework in over 60 languages.

Udemy Support Staff is Here to Help

If you have been beating your head against a wall trying to get your courses going and nothing seems to work, don't be embarrassed or too proud to turn to the technical support staff at Udemy to help you resolve your problems. It always helps to have instruction from experts.

Contact support@udemy.com with your account information, your purchase information, your exact course title, the speed of your Internet connectivity, and preferably screenshots of any issues you're having. This can help support staff isolate your problem and solve it more quickly.