When Do Udemy Courses Go On Sale?

When Do Udemy Courses Go On Sale?

There are many websites that offer online courses, and Udemy is one of the most popular. When you visit Udemy, it may seem like something is always on sale. After all, there are tons of courses on Udemy, and a sale can be a great way to get people to enroll.

When do Udemy courses go on sale? Udemy almost always has courses on sale. Some deals are for special holidays and occasions. However, Udemy offers plenty of sales for new students. New courses go on sale all of the time, so it’s worth visiting the site regularly to check for ongoing sales.

If you want to take an online course, Udemy is the place to do it. There are tons of courses available, covering all sorts of topics. Odds are, the course you want to take will probably be on sale now or in the near future.

Why Udemy Always Runs Sales

If you go to Udemy’s website often, you might have noticed that they always have something on sale. That’s because they love running sales on their courses. Udemy has a standard price for courses, but odds are good that you’ll see a lower price next to the full cost.

  • It’s part of their business strategy. When you see a course priced at $199 is being offered for only $10, you might be more likely to buy.

  • They can use sales to get new customers. If you’ve never tried a product or service, you probably wouldn’t want to pay full price your first time. The sale can get you a course for much cheaper.

  • Udemy also uses email campaigns to offer exclusive sales to its current students. Once you first sign up, they’ll have your email address and can send you marketing materials.

  • In general, lower prices will attract more people . Udemy uses this strategy to get more customers and bring in more money, even though you’ll pay less.

There are tons of online course platforms out there, and Udemy uses its sales to stand out. After all, most of us would love to take a course for $10 rather than a few hundred dollars. If you don’t see any sales now, just wait, because Udemy will probably have a new offer available soon.

Udemy always has new sales going on, so it’s no accident that many of their courses are on sale at a given point.

Should You Pay Full Price for Udemy Courses?

Since Udemy has so many courses and so many sales, you might wonder if you should ever pay full price for a Udemy course. Some Udemy fans say you should never pay full price for a course on Udemy. There are many reasons for this, so consider all the main reasons before you drop full price on a course.

  • Courses go up for sale all the time. Even if a class you want to take isn’t on sale now, it probably will be in a few months.

  • If you’re a new student and don’t see a special offer, try an incognito browser or clearing browser cookies. Udemy stores your information after your first visit, so it may not show you the same sale if you come back later.

  • Whether you’re a current Udemy student or not, you can take advantage of special holiday sales and sales throughout the year. Some of these sales may apply to specific courses, but others are sitewide.

  • The sale price is often significantly lower than the listed price. If you can wait for a sale, you can save a lot of money off of a course on Udemy.

You may have to pay full price at the grocery store or for a college course, but you don’t have to do that at Udemy. Unless you must enroll in a specific course at a particular time, there’s no reason not to take advantage of Udemy’s many sales and offers. Now’s the time to become a savvy shopper.

Udemy Holiday Sales

Like other businesses, Udemy offers sales around specific holidays. Udemy offers seasonal campaigns surrounding everything from the New Year to Back to School to Cyber Monday. If you’re nearing a holiday, you should check to see if your dream course is available during the sale.

  • At the end of the year and the beginning of the next, you can get a course during Udemy’s New Year’s Promotions. This sale includes all courses on the site.

  • Back to School is an excellent time of year to get into the learning spirit. Whether you’re in school or not, you can get a course for much less than the full price.

  • As you finish up your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, hop on Udemy for their sale. While some courses may not be on sale, many will be.

Other holiday sales do happen throughout the year. If you want to know when courses go on sale at Udemy, you can sign up to receive emails about new offers. Even if a holiday just passed, you can be in the know about the next sale.

Monthly Sales

While holiday sales are a big part of Udemy, they also offer other deals throughout the entire year. So if you missed one deal, odds are there’s one just around the corner. While many sales similar, some have different courses or offers available.

  • In January, there’s a 3-day flash sale at the end of the month. This can be great if you miss the sales offered around the holidays and the new year.

  • Love may be fleeting, but education is forever. In February, you can take advantage of the Udemy Valentine’s sale.

  • March has the Buy more, Save more sale. If you want to enroll in multiple courses, this is the sale for you since there are plenty of discounts for buying more than one course.

  • In April, Udemy has the Own Your Education sale. This can be a great time to invest in a course to work on over the summer.

  • Treat your mother to a Udemy course during the Mother’s Day sale. If your mom wants to start a new hobby, an online course is a perfect present.

  • Aside from the aforementioned Back to School sale in August, the summer doesn’t have as many sales. However, you can still get a deal if you’re a new customer.

  • Wait until November, and you can enjoy the discounts offered in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales.

  • Finally, December has the “Nikolaus” Christmas season sales. Get a course for yourself or a loved one for the perfect holiday gift.

While there may be a dry spell in the summer, Udemy has plenty of monthly sales. That means you don’t have to wait around for an entire year for courses to go on sale. Instead, you can wait until the next month for a new round of course discounts.

Sales for New Customers

If you’re a new customer, you can get a discount at any time of the year. Udemy almost always has some sort of promotion for new customers, like deeply discounted courses. Of course, this is how they get you to sign up.

But if there is a course you want, you should definitely sign up. These sales include a lot of the courses on Udemy, so look around and find one you like. Sure, you may start to get more ads for Udemy sales, but you’ll get to learn something new about a topic that interests you.

Final Thoughts

Udemy almost always has some sort of sale or promotion going on. If you’ve wanted to learn a new skill, you can head to Udemy and get started for much less than the sticker price. The sale price might get you to learn something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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