Where Are Udemy Videos Stored in Android?

Where Are Udemy Videos Stored in Android?

Udemy offers the ability to download videos and other content, but some Android users are at a loss as to where they’ve been stored. There are two places it may save to, one of which is a bit simpler than the other.

Where are Udemy videos stored in Android? The two places they may be stored at are:

  1. In the app. You’ll need to open the app, choose the course containing the video you want to watch, and open the video.

  2. On an external SD card. If you have a limited amount of storage, your video may store to an external SD card. To access them on an external, you’ll need to connect the card to the device and adjust the settings to the external SD.

If you need more information on how to access them, you can also look to Udemy’s support page on it, which much of this is based on. We’ve also simplified their instructions a bit and added some tips and tricks we’ve discovered on our own as well.

Where Can I Find My Udemy Videos on My Android Device?

Udemy videos should be easy to locate. Once you’ve downloaded your videos, you’ll be able to view them while offline through the app. If you’re looking for them off the app, you won’t be successful, as Udemy doesn’t allow access to them outside of the app.

Some reasons you may not be able to find your Udemy videos on your Android are:

  • Unsuccessful download

  • Stored on external SD card

  • Inability to access external SD card

However, to find them in the app, you’ll just need to open the course and choose the video you’ve downloaded to watch. Udemy’s support page has picture instructions if that’s easier to understand than written instructions.

How to Find Your Udemy Videos on the Udemy App

Regardless of where the video is stored, you’ll need to follow these steps to access the videos. Even while offline, Udemy won’t allow you to view them through anything other than the app, for security reasons.

If you have enough storage on your device, your videos will automatically pull up quickly and easily. You’ll need to follow these instructions to locate them:

  1. Open your app and select the course you’ve downloaded a video from.

  2. Then, go into the course curriculum, where you typically find the videos.

  3. You should see a colored icon to the right of the video you’ve downloaded. This means it can be played offline.

  4. Open the video and enjoy!

If your video isn’t there, we have some troubleshooting ideas for you.

How to Download an Udemy Video

One of the most common reasons you can’t access your videos is from an unsuccessful download. These are easy to do, as something as simple as a dropped signal can ruin it, which we’ll go into in the next section.

First, we have some tips on how to avoid that. These are especially important to keep in mind if your device is older, which tends to lag more or have battery issues.

  • Only download over Wi-Fi. When you try to download running on data instead of Wi-Fi, you run the risk of losing your signal for a split second during the download and causing it to lag or remain incomplete.

  • Plug your device in before attempting to download a video. Downloading a video can take a lot of power from a device, and it’s better to give it a constant flow of energy to use during a download.

  • Close any other apps you may have in the background. Again, you just want to make sure the downloading process has as much power as it needs. Closing any other apps keeps them from using so much energy.

  • Don’t try to do anything else with the device while downloading. We’ve all done it. We’ve gotten a text message or other notification and opened another app on top of one that’s downloading in the background. This will normally work but will slow down the download.

When downloading a video, wait until it’s done and check to make sure the circle icon to the right of the video title has changed color. This means the video has been successfully downloaded. If you still can’t access your video offline, continue reading the next few sections.

Why Your Udemy Video Didn’t Download

There are a few basic reasons your Udemy video didn’t download. These apply to most downloads, however, so keep them in mind for other applications.

  • Your cellular data signal wasn’t strong enough. If you’re struggling to get a signal, balancing up on your tiptoes with your arms in the air (no shame, we’ve all done it), you won’t successfully download a video just because the signal isn’t reliable enough to send that much data.

  • Your device didn’t have enough charge. We mentioned plugging your device in before attempting a download, but why does downloading take so much power? Simply, your device is working much harder by receiving a mass of information and storing it almost instantly.

  • You had too much open in the background, slowing it down. This is a combination of both of the others. If you have a lot of things running in the background, your Udemy app will have to struggle with them both for the data or Wi-Fi connection and the power to download it.

  • Not enough storage. This is common in a lot of older Android devices, especially, where there isn’t enough internal storage to manage a download. Read the next section to fix this one.

If you’ve tried all of these and your device has enough internal storage to download a video, but simply won’t, you’ll need to contact Udemy directly. You can also contact Android or your cellular carrier to ask for their help, as well as third-party technology specialists.

How to Find and Download Udemy Videos Stored on an External SD Card

If your device is low or limited on storage space, you can also store them on an external SD card, which is when many Android users lose their videos. Not only do you need to ensure your SD card is connected, you’ll also need to follow these steps before following the preceding set of steps:

  1. Open the app and click on the menu.

  2. Now you’ll need to click on your account page in order to edit your download options.

  3. Once your download options are open, toggle on “download to SD card.”

  4. Relaunch the app.

  5. All future downloads will be downloaded to the external SD card, and the app will recognize the SD card.

The best thing about external storage is that you can always get more. Many of Udemy’s courses allow you to have lifelong access to it, meaning you can keep the downloaded videos and access them offline through the app forever as well. Collect as much external storage as you need!

Why Can’t I Access Udemy Videos Outside of the Udemy App?

Udemy’s app can take a lot of power to keep running compared to other apps you can use to watch videos or read other materials from the curriculum. Why, then, does Udemy require you to only view your course materials through their app?

Udemy does this in order to protect their professors and their materials, as well as the time and effort they put into them. In theory, if they allowed their videos to be saved on another app, it would easy to pirate it and resell it as your own.

Of course, you can find instructions online on how to download them off the app, but remember to respect the work of the teachers who created the work and only use it for yourself after paying for the course if you choose to go this route.

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